Day: September 29, 2016

Should I start a cake business from home?

You love baking and make great cakes. Friends and family tell you, you should start a cake business from home, that you have a real talent for cakes.

This week I will be posing some few questions you should ask yourself if you are considering starting a home based cake business.

So if you are thinking if you should resign form your  9 to 5 and start a cake business from home, there are 5 basic questions you should ask yourself first:

1. Do you have the time?

We Cakers know that baking and decorating a cake takes a lot time. Whatever your reason for starting your business either part time job, or as a side hustle or even that one day you want to have a cake shop, you should first consider if you would be able to spend most of your time to start and run your cake business.

Operating a cake business, especially if it is new, will place many demands on your time beyond baking and decorating.

For example, you will need time to:

  • Shop for ingredients
  • accounting
  • Develop and maintain a social media presence
  • Manage a website
  • Take more cake decorating classes
  • Work on new cake decorating techniques and trends to keep up with the times.

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2. Do you have the space?

Sure, you may have had plenty of space to bake and decorate a few dozen cupcakes and a birthday cake for a friend, but think about it do have enough space to manage that kind of order times 2x or 10x?

However, don’t let this aspect deter you. There are many bakers who turn out great cakes with small kitchens.Don’t let your space limitations stop you, but do think realistically about the number of orders you can successfully execute at your present work space.


3.  Do you have the support?

Working from home may seem like a dream to many, but it does have it’s drawbacks. Your home may now be your workplace and business, but for others in your life, home is still a place to unwind and relax after work and school.

It’s important to have an open and honest conversation with your husband, your children or whoever you are living with before deciding to make the home your workplace.

While you are working on your cake business you need to establish some rules for those in your household, such as…

  • The Kitchen is off limits while you are working;
  • During the hours of 9am- 3pm, mummy will be working and should not be disturbed

These are only a few examples, you can set your own rules. After all it is your business.

Today I am continuing my post on questions you should ask yourself if you are thinking of starting a home based cake business.


4.  Do you have the guts?

It takes a lot of guts to put yourself and your cake creations out for the world to enjoy, but that might sometimes lead to criticism.

It is inevitable that a customer may not like a cake design, a flavor or something trivial about you or your business. Realizing this ahead of time and having a plan for dealing with uncomfortable situations will help you stay on track as you hit some lows in your cake journey.

On the other side, owning your own business can be great. Maybe you’ll be called upon to create a cake for a baby shower, or for a wedding.Celebrate these moments, but understand that one single event (good or bad) does not define your business.

Having your own business can be very emotional sometimes. Learning to deal with the highs and the lows will allow you to keep moving forward in a way that will lead both you and your business forward.


5. Do you have the resources?

If you’re at the point right now where you’re thinking about starting your own cake business from home. You have gone for the necessary trainings, watched countless YouTube online tutorials, read blogs on baking and decorating techniques.

Although these kind of resources are useful, the resources I’m taking about are the ones you’ll need to not just start a business but to stay in business.

Building a successful cake business is a lot like building a beautiful cake. It’s best to start with a solid foundation of business basics such as marketing, accounting, structure, etc.

Otherwise, you’ll waste precious time and energy trying to cover up your mistakes caused by the things you needed to know, but didn’t.

Till next week.

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