How can I Improve my Cake Sales?

Everyone loves cake, well at least most people do. You might think that because 85% of the population loves cakes, you may not have any issue selling your cakes. But as you and i know it is not as easy as that when Selling in business.

if you get 1 or 2 people order from you a week. That’s good at the beginning, but it is not going to help you to sustain your business. You need a larger customer bases.

So in order to expand your customer base, i am going to show you a few good ideas to make more money selling cakes.

t7Try Selling Wholesale

So one great tip for growing your business and making more money apart from custom orders is to try and venture into the wholesale business.

How do you do this?

Look through your friends list and contact those caterers or those who own restaurants, cafe’s or supermarket or even Buka’s and offer your products. If you are able to secure an order, is a very good way to get your product out to the public and increase sales.

But do a bit of research before you book an appointment for your sales pitch, find out what they are selling and the price range of their products. You don;t want to price yourself out of the market.Also find out what your competitors are selling and their prices so you will have a idea how much to sell your baked goods.


o74Social Media

Having your business online is a must. If you don’t. Create one NOW.

Create a website and social media page for your business and posts pictures of your cakes. Make your website very visual and  let people know how they can order from you. Also on your website have an Opt In page to collect email address of those that visit your website. once you have that information, you can now send weekly or monthly emails showing them your specials and discounts.

a2Give out Samples of your cakes

If you have a Cake Shop. Lucky you! How do you get more customers to your door?

Try and look for inventive and creative ways to get customers into your shop such as offering free samples to passersby. People are more likely to purchase whatever you are sampling if they taste and look good and are available immediately for purchase.


c35Branch Out

Just don’t think you should be selling cakes to make money.

Why don’t you sell your skills.

You could open your home and offer baking and cake decorating classes. Not only will you be adding value, but you will gain more exposure for your brand, your students will be able to purchase good that you are selling in your store and  now you have added another stream of income to your business


With these marketing techniques you  are sure to be on your way to getting your cake business name out in the public and draw more customers thereby improving your sales and profits.

Are there any more marketing tips I didn’t mention? Comment below if you think of any.

Happy Caking.

x19Rotimicakelady is your personal cake fairy. She is a cake business consultant and Coach. 

She runs the Baking Business School  where she helps bakers through Online courses have super profitable and successful cake businesses.

She has a passion for helping women who have a passion for baking, transition from hobby cake makers to successful and profitable cake business owners. 

She also help cake business owners who have struggling in their cake business with strategies to enable them get more customers and get booked out with orders. Rotimicakelady is passionate about Cakes, business and making money.

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