Day: December 18, 2016

Is it about the Love or the Money?


I’m going to tell you the truth 


Passion does not pay the bills. Last time I checked the supermarket or the Market does not take passion as payment, nor does it pay the rent or the children school fees.

There is a perception in this industry that it’s not okay to actually want to make a real living out of creating cakes. That somehow if you’re not doing it for the love, that’s not okay. Maybe it’s because we are all expected to be “starving artists,” but honestly I’d much rather be a well-fed artist who can continue to create cakes than a broke one who needs to take an extra job in order to stay alive.

Your business needs to have a much big purpose than just creating gorgeous cakes. You need, to be fully committed to making money from your cake business, otherwise there is no reason for you to be in the business. You might as well keep it as a hobby.

Some bakers may tell themselves, that I’m not actually in business, that we only make cake for family and friends and we only charge people for their ingredients and they only do it because they really love it.

There’s no problem with that…except of course when that person has a Facebook business page, has business cards, or is telling people to pay them more than the cost of ingredients. As an example, are you really going to your sister and say, “Okay, so I’ve added up my receipts, and for ingredients I paid N8,000,” and then expecting her to really only give you N8,000? Oh, and if it’s for the love, why do you even use the words “charge them” for ingredients? A charge implies a fee for the purchase of goods, doesn’t it? So you need to ask yourself, Are you in business or not in business?


From others I hear, “I’m in business, but I’m not doing this for the money.” Answer me this: if you were not in it for the money…why are you building your website, baking cakes, making fondant, teaching, working out your prices, writing tutorials, creating and selling cakes? Why on earth would you bother with the craziness of being IN BUSINESS if you were not in it for the money? Are you telling me you work 9-15 hour days, have a bad back from standing all the time, answering emails at 1 am and haven’t slept late on a Saturday morning in  years because IT’S JUST FUN?

My dear, that is not fun, its being in Business


It would be very, very nice to have a sugar Daddy, win the lottery or have a money tree in your compound which would allow you to just give everyone free cake, teach everyone for free, and invent and give away cakes for free. That’s not going to happen, so instead build a business that makes MONEY.

I’m not taking about tens of millions (although that would be nice) but enough money to pay yourself a decent salary so you can afford the groceries and the school fees and the cake equipment.

You can define your level of success in many different ways but one of those has to be MONEY.


Let me explain that in more detail. I’m sure you want the best in life and if you have kids, you want that for them too. You know good schools are expensive and if you want them to school abroad (taking in mind of our erratic exchange rate), you will need a whole lot more money (and let’s not forget the books, the uniforms and the field trips too).

Perhaps your definition of success is just to be able to make enough money to buy instead of rent my house, afford a vacation in Dubai once a year…or just buy groceries without having to price compare.

 It doesn’t really matter where you would spend that money or how much of it you want to make, what matters is that you are honest and real about needing to earn that money in the first place.

You are probably in this for MANY reasons – perhaps lifestyle, artistic expression, love of cake, passion.

 But if one of those is not money then you have no business being IN business.

Are you ready to finally start making serious money in your cake business, so that you can get more orders!

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