What Would You Say To A Younger Version Of Yourself?

It is my birthday next week. And as you get older you start thinking about ones life. All the things you wish you had the courage to do and all the things you wished you didn’t. 

Sometimes don’t you wish you could enter a time machine and redo or reset some aspects in your life. If you could change something about your life. What would it be?

So if i could go back in time and see my younger self, what would i tell her?

Well i tried to think of some things i would tell her:

  1. Don’t grow up too fast. Cherish being a child (when i was young i wanted to be a grown up by force. While my siblings were still playing Barbie, i wanted to try on makeup and weaves and watch MTV).
  2. Your parents are not going to live forever. Spend more time with them. ( I lost my dad a few years ago and i think about him everyday. When i think all those times that we could have spent together rather than me doing something that i thought was cooler).
  3. You won’t always be thin (  I am sure you all know about my personal weight loss journey).
  4. There is no Prince Charming that is coming to rescue you on a white horse (I think this speaks for itself. You should not believe everything you watch in romantic movies).
  5. Save Save Save ( Instead of me spending my salary on designer bags and shoes at that time. If i had been saving and investing at least 10% of my income, i would have been a multi millionaire by now).
  6. Don’t stress too much about Algebra and Trigonometry ( those subjects in maths gave me a lot of sleepless nights.  I just never go it all and upon all after secondary school, it has no use in my life at all).
  7. Don’t be afraid to start your on your own ( If i tell you how many years i wasted in a job  just because i was so scared of leaving and starting my own business. If i had had the courage, i wonder where i would be now).

So these are a few thing i would tell a younger Rotimi. But we cannot go back in time.

Anyway life is not about regrets. All things happen for a reason. I know i am where i am supposed to be right now and i am working on achieving my goals.

So let me ask you the question. Knowing what you know now, If you could speak to your younger self. What would you tell her? Just comment below.



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