We All Need Help Once In A While

For the last few weeks I have been so busy working on the Price Your Cakes right for profit Video Course. Recording videos, research, writing content,  doing the presentation slides, marketing on social media and also on.

So I didn’t have much of an Easter break or holiday when the children vacated for Easter. In fact the past 2 weeks have been something else. The children were on holiday and my nanny decided to take some time of. And on top of that, my temporary nanny was ill so it was just the kids and I. Plus I had to prepare for this Course.

I’m wondering how mothers handle childcare without any help. I have to clap for them. By the end of the week, lets just say i was exhausted. From bathing them in the morning and night, taking them to the toilet, cooking, feeding, entertaining them, cleaning up after them. Goodness, even nannies try.

I thank God I am fortunate enough to afford having a Nanny for my kids. I will be the first to admit that i don’t think i can do it all by myself day after day.

Although it was enjoyable the first 2 days. the kids loved that i was around with them doing their daily tasks. They know that when Mama is working they are not to enter the invisible door of her office (i have a small desk in one corner of my house, where i do my work).

So we have got to realise that we need a little help once in a while and there is nothing wrong with admitting that you do need help either at home, in your business and so on. That is why i have released 3 Pricing videos to help you if you have trouble pricing your cakes right.

I will also be doing  a webinar tomorrow on how you can increase your cake prices without losing customers (more details below).

At the end of the Webinar I will be opening registration for this Ultimate Course, which will cover what you need to have a money making cake business. 

So join me for the Webinar tomorrow and register for the Course. I will talk more about it in the Webinar tomorrow. Don’t miss it. It is at 6pm tomorrow. Once you register, the link for your Webinar shall be sent to you by email.

And by God’s Grace, when I make my income target for my Courses, I am going to give my nanny a raise. She sure deserves it.

For those who went through the Pricing Workshop with me, i say thanks.

I know you have gained loads of valuable information and you are on your way to being more confident in pricing your cakes.

For those who missed out, here is again a summary of what we covered:

Workshop Video 1 (Part 1) & (Part 2)in this video we looked at the reasons why you are struggling with pricing your cake right and ways to overcome them so that you can price your baked goods properly.

Workshop Video 2Here I provided you easy to implement pricing techniques to get you started being the Pricing Queen.

Workshop Video 3 In this awesome video I showed you how to can get customers to accept the price you give them, no matter what.

If I do say so myself I think these Workshops were worth it.

But I am not done yet, because I am awesome like that. I want to invite you for this amazing Webinar class that I will be doing. You can get all the information here,

In this Webinar I will be teaching you how you can increase your prices without losing your customers.

We all know that the present economy has made ingredients go up almost 100 fold and we can’t sustain our business if we are scared of increasing our prices because we don’t want our customers to go somewhere else.

Yes you need to get your pricing right, but you need to know how to gain the confidence and know how to increase your prices while keeping your customers.

This is a live class, so it will be starting at the certain time and ending to at a certain time.

It is going to be packed full of information so get ready to gain valuable benefit for your cake business.

The webinar is going to be held only once, so please don’t miss it. 


Link to join the Webinar Class: https://zoom.us/j/590522169

Date: Tuesday, 25th April 2017

Time: 6pm

See you at the webinar!

Here are the Registration details for the Webinar once againHow to increase your prices without losing customers.

In the Webinar you will learn:

  • How to increase your prices without losing customers- so that you can stop losing money;
  • How to increase your prices without losing customers- so that you can stop losing money;
  • Tactics & Strategies to increase your prices;
  • How to  convey value so your customers readily accepts any price increase;
  • How to communicate an increase in prices to your customers so that they can keep coming back;
  • A proven template to send your  customers that will guarantee your next  booking;
  • How to turn an enquiry into a paying customer at the price you want without sounding desperate.

     Register for the Webinar here

I will talk more about this Class at the end of this Workshop Video.

This class fills up quickly so it is best you register early.

Registration has opened.

IMPORTANT. I will send you the link once the Registration for the webinar is ‘live’ and you  can get more information about it here.            

Register Here For This Free Webinar

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Cake Regards,

me3Rotimicakelady is your personal cake fairy. She is a cake business consultant and Coach.

She runs the Cake Business Owners Club where she helps bakers through Online courses have super profitable and successful cake businesses.

She has a passion for helping women who have a passion for baking, transition from hobby cake makers to successful and profitable cake business owners.

She also help cake business owners who have struggling in their cake business with strategies to enable them get more customers, so you make more money. Rotimicakelady is passionate about Cakes, business and making money.