What To Do When You Need Money Quickly From Your Cake Business

For those with kids, I am sure you have thought about today’s topic.

For parents, I am sure some are either excited about the new school year in terms that the kids are finally out of the house, so they have some free time and some will  be dreading it because they now have to do school runs and have to deal with payment of school fees.

In case you didn’t know this, my mum actually runs a school and I help her out part time with her accounts. One particular job I help her with is to chase parents who neglect, forget or refuse or can’t pay for their children’s school fees. And because I have a legal background, I am quite good at drafting those ‘kind’ of letters.

Anyway, while doing this job, I have observed that of course parents never want to delay in paying their children school fees, but most times it because they can’t afford it. I have met parents who have lost their jobs or they are a single parent with no support or those with businesses not doing or just because of the general situation in the country which has made things a little harder.

My heart really goes out to these parents. It is not the children’s  fault and yet they are suffering because of lack of money. No parent wants to keep their child at home because of no money to pay for school.

So imagine a world where you don’t have to worry about money. Where you have a constant stream of customers; when if you need money, you know exactly what to do. Where you can one day surprise your husband, and say don’t worry, I will take care of the school fees for this term.



What do you do if you are a cake business owner and you cannot afford the school fees of your children when it’s time to pay?

You might say that I do not have any children so I don’t have to worry about school fees yet, but think about this. What if you have an emergency and need money fast fast like if someone gets very sick or an opportunity comes up like someone is selling land or a car at a very cheap price. You know it is a good deal, and should act fast, but you do not have any money or savings.

Click on this link to read some ideas on how you can quickly get money from your cake business, when you need some quick cash, instead of looking for someone to ‘raise’ you.

Here is the link below:


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