What Does Being Independent Mean To You?

Nigeria celebrated its Independence on 1st October. It has been 57 years since we gained our independence and we all know we have come a long, both in good and bad.

Most of us don’t really think much about Independence Day. We just welcome the extra day we do not have to go to work or school. But a country gaining Independence is a great deal. Our ancestors fought and died for our independence so we should not take this lightly and no matter how you think how the country is, we are truly blessed.

So what does it mean to be independent. Are you truly independent?

Growing up, my mindset was so different. I depended on my parents for almost anything especially money and even when i started working as a lawyer and earning my own money, I never thought about saving or investing my earnings.

My thinking was that when I get married, my husband will take care of all my needs. I was just going to transfer my dependence from my parents to my husband. So it was a rude awakening when my marriage failed and it was up to me to bring up my 2 girls myself.

So that was how my dream of starting my cake business came about and it then led to the Baking Business School where i teach bakers how to run profitable business. And i thank God that my business is growing every day.

So back to my previous question. Will you consider yourself truly independent? If an opportunity comes up for you to invest in land, will you be able to come up with the cash without asking for a loan. Are you able to pay your rent or children’s school fees when due without flustering, having the choice and means to drop everything and have a vacation of a lifetime.

The definition of being Independent is not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence. Being free from outside control or not subject to another’s authority.

So tell me isn’t that something to aspire to. Don’t you want your cake business to give you the means to be independent?

I want this for you and all our businesses, so here are some things you should start doing in your cake business:

Know you are in business

Stop seeing yourself as a hobby baker, even if you are selling to your sister or a close friend.

 As a business owner, things become different. You are now a professional baker and you should see and portray yourself as such.


Keep track of your expenses

You have to keep track of what you are spending. You have to form this habit or keeping bookkeeping books and keeping receipts and not using your personal money to pay for cake stuff. A helpful guide is a webinar I did- Booking Systems for Cake Businesses. Click here and here to watch.

Don’t wait for customers to just miraculously appear

Customers are not going to magically appear. They just don’t fall from the sky. Yes it will be lovely if that happens. You have to go out there are find them. And that means you have to market your business to the hilt. If not you will just be staring at the sky, wondering why you are not making any money. I have a Marketing Course that can help. Here are the details.

Stop Discounting and negotiating too much

Do you once a potential customer starts complaining about your price or question your pricing or do not immediately order, you start offering discounts.

I know especially when you first start and really want to make a sale you give discount, offer extras, and promise all sorts of things just to get that order.

The problem with this, is that It might set of a trend and sooner or later you will be known as the cheap baker and you will be working for next to nothing.


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Be More Confident

Be sure of your worth and your skills. Don’t view yourself as a beginner or a learner. When you are describing your business or describing a cake you want to do for a customer, always talk in a confident tone. 

Own the conversation.  Give ideas and don’t just accept whatever the customer wants. If you don’t do this, people will see you just as a learner, even though you may be the best baker in town. Don’t be scared of charging high prices. Articulate why someone should pick you to make their cakes over another brand, and you can easily say No to the customers who price you cheaply.

Don’t be a Jack of all trades

You are one of those people that have multiple businesses. You not only sell cakes, but also clothes, shoes, toys. You also are a network marketer.  You need to concentrate on one thing or at least a similar line of business. People will just get confused not knowing what exactly you do. In your profile you advertise all sort of stuffs. If you are serious about your cake business and want to make a success of it, then you should let go of the others and concentrate on cake.

These are steps you can take right now to having a more successful cake business which will lead you to being more independent.

So what does independence mean to you. Will love to hear from you. What will you do if you were truly financially independent? Just comment below.


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