Choosing A Business Name For Your Cake Business

Choosing a name for your cake business can be a fun or a daunting task. It can be fun thinking of the different combination of names you can use or it can be quite scary since you want to get it right.

Well,  choosing a business name is very vital when starting your cake business, because this is what sets you apart from others and gives your business its own unique personality.

My True Story
When I started  Three Sisters Cake and Pie Company, the idea behind the name was that I wanted to create a platform where I and my younger 2 sisters could join our skills to form a business venture. We wanted to create a family orientated business where I will be in charge of cakes, one sister will be doing pies/pastries the third sister will be in charge of creating chocolates. Nice idea but we well could not call it Three Sisters Cake, Pie and Chocolate Company. How will I create a website with such a long name and will it even fit on a signboard?  So we decided on just calling it Three Sisters Cake and Pie Company and we shortened the website to 3sisterscakeandpiecompany. I feel the name is still a bit long but I like it. 
Today i just want to give you some tips on how to decide on your business name, that is if you haven’t done so yet.                                      

But the most vital advice i can give you is to:


As you know there are a number of cake businesses in Nigeria, so your name has to stand out from the others. The name you choose has to be memorable so customers and would be customers can remember you. 

Also, you have to make sure you don’t sound similar to an already existing company or let the name sound crazy, like for example, calling yourself ‘’Agbalumo Kakes” in an attempt to be distinctive.
The name you choose should be practical and easy to remember. Customers are more likely to spend money when they do not have to guess what you are selling.

So what should you think about when choosing a name for your cake business. Well, let us discuss those factors:

  1. Your Name should be Associated with Cakes or Baking

You are selling cakes so don’t let there be any confusion about what you are selling

For Example:
‘Lara’s Tempting Frosting Delights’, ‘Cathy’s Enterprises’, ‘Crystalight, ‘Henry Ventures’ and ‘Diva Designs’. These names are confusing to customers because they are not sure whatis being sold.
But names like ‘House of Cakes’ or ‘Bose Cakes and Bakes’. Here it is obvious what they are selling.

You might now be wondering, do I have to add the word ‘Cake’ in the name i choose.

Well, no. You don’t really have to include the words “Cake’ in your business name if  you use other words  to describe the baked goods being sold.
Just think of a name connected with baking or cooking, such as ‘Bakes’, ‘catering’, ‘flour’, ‘buns’, ‘cuisine’, ‘sprinkles’, ‘cookie’, ‘sugar’, ‘confection’, ‘pastries’, ‘sweet’,’crumbs’, ‘fresh’, ‘love’, ‘quality’ or ‘homemade’, ‘wholesome’ (you get the general idea)

For example, “The Ice cream factory” conveys the idea of tasty ice-cream and desserts without referring to a bakery.
However, the most helpful tip here is that including a reference to cakes, cake decorating, baked goods or pastry will certainly be helpful for your potential customers to find you.
TIPMaking it clear in your business name about what you do will make it easier for people to find you. So choose the right name for your business.


2. Give yourself room to grow

Though you might start out with cupcakes, it’s possible you’ll want to branch into other areas of baking or the restaurant industry.

For instance, if you specialize in fruit cakes calling yourself “Luscious Fruit Cake Company” might sound nice at first, But what happens in a few years when you want to add cookies and dessert cakes to your product line? ‘Luscious Fruit Cake, cookies and Dessert Company’looks untidy. So choose a name that is not too specific.

Another example is ‘Lara Cupcakes & Party Planning’’. This name is not limiting as Lara may specialize in cupcakes, but the addition of  ‘party planning’ gives her some freedom to branch out into event planning.

3. Don’t choose similar names or an already existing name

Already established business names such as ‘Cakes and Creams’, ‘Cake Treats’ or ‘Cupcake Couture’ are already businesses in existence and have already been taken, so you cannot use those names, even if you’re in a different State than that business.

Those companies are already registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and I am sure there would already have a website, Twitter and Facebook page, Instagram and so on.  If you use the same name as them you are likely to get sued and will just cause confusion for your customers. So try and come up with your unique name.

In summary when choosing a business name, here are a few tips that can help you along:

  • Use your name: Including your name will help everyone know who’s boss. If your name is unusual, it will make your business that much more special.
  • Use your food: Everyone should know exactly what you’re selling. Is it cupcakes or pastries? 
  • Location: Use your general location or street name in your business name. Even if you end up moving, where you started your business will never change!
  • Try rhymes: They are catchy and will help everyone remember your name.
  • Use adjectives: There are many words that can describe a cake or cupcake. Try using words such as sweet, tasty, or anything that portrays that word.
  • Give yourself room to grow: Though you might start out with cupcakes, it’s possible you’ll want to branch into other areas of the baking industry.
  • Do a Google Search  Make sure your name hasn’t already been taken by another business.
  • Avoid confusing names: If a name is confusing or hard to understand, it will make it that much more difficult for people to know about your business.
  • Avoid cutesy names: Kutie Kupcakez might sound like a cute memorable name, but people who are searching for that business will have a hard time finding it on search engines.

Will love to hear your ideas for your business names, just comment below.


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