Wondering How To Price Your Cakes? Let Me Show You How

I decided to repost this article that i posted some time back on how to price your cakes. You have to realize that once you get your pricing sorted you can now move and pay attention to other important aspects of your cake business like marketing.

Another reason why you need to price and cost properly is that you will determine the profit your business makes and you can now know where to reduce costs and when you can give discounts without you losing money

Here are the basics so you can make a start on pricing your cakes for profit.


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1: Labour costs

Step 1 is labour, often the undercharged part of the cake pricing formula. However, when you know you are being paid a decent salary then you making a cake becomes more enjoyable.

But if you aren’t getting any good wage, then it can be like a chore or a job and you will feel demotivated. You do not want to work for nothing.

To help you gain a control on the labour aspect, make a note of what you honestly want your hourly rate to be. This can be anywhere from N500 – N5,000 an hour. It all depends on you, your skill level, years of experience.

If you are just starting out, you may charge N400- N1,000 an hour, When you start getting better in your skill level, you can increase your hourly rate to maybe N1,500 or N3,000 an hour.

So now that you know your hourly rate. Next start to monitor how long each type of cake takes to create. Record everything, from the initial enquiry, shopping to the mixing, baking, cooling, cleaning, decorating, delivery, set up, etc.

So if it takes you 3 hours to do a vanilla cake and your hourly rate is N1,000 an hour, then your labour wage/salary is N3,000.

Do this for every cake you do and make a note of it, then you will have a record of what to charge for the cakes you sell.




2: Cost of Ingredients

I know this can be quite time consuming part.  If you are making cupcakes or small individual cakes it is important to know the price of one so make sure you calculate every batch.

So when you are shopping for ingredients, take note how much the eggs, flour, butter, margarine, etc costs.


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3: Sundry Costs or Extra Costs

Similar to step 3 this is fairly simple to cost, and again. Sundry costs, are things like cakeboards, boxes, ribbons, dowels, etc 




4: Utility Costs

I know calculating Utility costs are a little trickier to calculate as you have to look at your bills or think of an estimate or figure to cover your utility.

But how many of us have time for this, again if this is too much trouble, just come up with an estimate amount.




5: Profit

The profit is money that you can invest back into your business. So that you can afford that shop you want, buy new cake equipment, create a website, buy flyers, generally market your business, and outsource your bookkeeping, admin, etc.

How much profit you add to your cake price is your choice. But aim for at least somewhere between 15% – 60% profit.





6: The Total Price

The final step is calculating steps 1 – 6

(Labour + Cost of Ingredients + Sundry Costs + Utility

Costs) x Profit = Total Cake Price


Practical Example,

Bose of Bose Cakes and Bakes has an order for a 10 inch fondant vanilla birthday cake with small piping detail and a few fondant roses on an iced cake board and packaged in a box.

Bose starts calculating:

Labour – N1,000 x 5 hours = N5000

 Ingredients Costs = N2000

Sundry Costs = N600

Utility Costs = N450

Profit x 30%

The Formula (N5000+ N2000+ N600+ N450) x 30% = N10,465

Therefore, the total price Bose will quote to the customer is N10,465.

So this is a simple method I recommend you use to price your cakes. Once you have mastered this Formula, you can change and adapt it from time to time.

Will love to hear from you. How do you currently price your cakes? How has it worked for you s far? Comment below please.


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