5 Ways To Keep Your Customers Coming Back For Your Cakes

After you have made a sale, don’t just move on to the next potential customers. A customer just parted with their money for one of your cakes. So it is a good idea to keep them as a customer for life.

You should find ways to increase sales to your existing customers. It will be a lot cheaper than looking for new ones. Those existing customers have already tasted and paid for your cakes, so the hard work is already done.

Here are a few promotional ideas so that you do not lose customers and they keep on coming back for more of your awesome cakes.

1. Do not forget your customer

You should devote some time after a sale to reconnect with your customers. You can send them an email asking them if they enjoyed the cake they ordered. This is an opportunity for you to get feedback and also get a great testimonial which you can use for your social media or website by the way.

You could send them a voucher where they will get a discount for their next order, or you could simply send them monthly newsletters so that you will be on their mind often.


2. Remember Things About Your Customer

Surprise your customers by remembering important details about them when you contact them. You do not need to know real personal details about your customers, it can be simple things like remembering their name, or their birthday or their spouse birthday or anniversary.

Once you have this information, you can contact them before the event and ask them if you can do the cake for their husband, or child’s birthday. It will be a surprise for them that you remembered and will take off the hassle of you dealing with last minute orders.

3. Make it Easy for customers to Contact you

If you have a website, make sure there is an area on all the pages of how hey can reach you, whether it is your phone number, or email or if you want them to order online. Do not make it difficult or hard for customers to know how to reach you.

If it is a Facebook Page you have, make sure at the top of that page are all the details of how customers can make there order. The same goes for your Instagram Page. Also, always respond in a very timely manner all your emails, social media enquirers or comments or missed calls. If you don’t you will be losing that customer.


4. Say Thank You

A simple thank you goes a long way. Show appreciation for your customers. You can express your gratitude by emailing your customers after a sale with a Thank you message.

You can even do more like sending them a discount voucher or tell them to recommend you business to their friends and if that friend makes an order they will receive a free box of cupcakes.

5. Communicate

Want your customers coming back?Ask them. Talk to your customers. You can send out feedback forms or surveys. This will give you a lot of information of how you can improve your business. And once you have that information, implement it.

Have more ideas on how to keep your customers coming back? Will love to hear them. Just comment below.




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