Business Lessons From My Holiday At Disney World

For the past few weeks I have been on vacation. Went to London and Florida where I treated the kids to a few days in Walt Disney World.

Disney World has been described as the happiest place on earth and I thank God he has given me the means and opportunity to take my children as I know they will cherish these memories forever.

Going to Disneyworld is not cheap. From flights, to hotels and park tickets. It can cost a small fortune. And how was I able to afford this? It is from exactly what I am doing now. My business and not giving up on my dreams.

When we got to the themeparks I was wooed by the crowd. On that day alone, it was estimated that 60,000 people were visiting the Disney parks and it is not just tourists that visit the parks, the Florida residents themselves treat it as an ultimate vacation destination.

Almost everyone has heard of Disney, from their films, merchandise, characters, clothes, their resorts and parks. How did Disney become a household name?  Almost year round, people all over the world troop, plan and aspire to go to Disneyworld or Disneyland.

Disney world has been described as the happiest place on earth and I thank God he has given me the means and opportunity to take my children as I know they will cherish these memories forever.

While I was there enjoying my trip to the happiest place on earth I could not help myself observing business ideas which one can apply to one’s business. I’ll also offer some insight into how you can take these ideas and apply them to your business to see more growth in your business.

disney 1

1. Treat Your Customers Right

When you go to any Disney theme park, you are met with happy staff that are very much happy to help. Even if they are passing by, they will ask if you need any assistance. I remember one occasion in Epcot Centre I was taking a picture of my kids and my mum. Of course i too wanted to be in the picture so me and my mum took turns taking the pictures. A staff walking by asked to take our picture together. We didn’t even need to ask, she observed a problem and offered a solution.

To be successful in business you need to treat your customer right, from the moment they make an enquiry, to the moment you deliver including after sales service. Treat any complaints professionally. Don’t take your frustration out on the customer. Follow up, talk to them. Find out their needs and problems and try to offer solutions.



2. Incorporate Different Pricing Tiers

If you’ve ever planned a trip to Disneyland, you know that the different pricing options can be a bit overwhelming.

There are different pricing packages, you can buy tickets to all the Disney parks or just a single park or buy tickets allowing you to visit multiple parks in a single day. There are even other packages where it includes hotel stays, princess makeovers and more.

So why does it have different pricing systems.

Because different people want different things, so it’s created a pricing structure to suit the pocket of different people so at least everyone  can experience the magic that is Disney whatever your pocket.

Does your business offer multiple pricing packages?

How do you do that?

Simply by offering 3 alternatives for the client.

 A budget option, midrange and expensive option.

 So you will be offering 3 alternatives to the inquiry, or example:

  1. Box of 12 cupcakes with butter cream icing is N5000.
  2. Small 8 inch round buttercream cake is N8,000.
  3. Fondant covered, 1 tier, 8 inch round cake is N15,000

Now with that, the customer feels they have options or a choice. To leave them when they say ‘Ah no that is really expensive’’ leaves them with no options at all.

But by spending an extra 1-2 minutes teaching and giving 3 alternatives, the customer is back in charge with now making a more informed choice, within their budget.


disney 2

3. Be Innovative

The Disney I visited as a child is not really the same when I visited with my kids. It is much better. They now offer fast track at certain times so you can skip the lines and simply go on the ride. You can check how long you’ll have to wait to go on a ride and so on. There are constantly looking for ways to improve their brand, business and customer satisfaction.

In your business you should continually be looking for things to make your customer experience better.  Get feedback from your customers on how you can improve their experience, then find innovative ways to solve their problem.

And lastly.

disney 3

4.     Never Give Up

Did you know that Walt Disney did not just become a success.  He started many companies that failed. Instead of giving in or giving up, Mr Walt Disney never gave up.

disney quote

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