Stop Planning, Start Doing, and Achieve More in Your Cake Business

Do you have some cake business aspirations that are beyond your current capabilities? It’s natural to dream of things that you want to do someday, but currently can’t. However, to realize your dreams, at some point you must stop planning and start taking action.

While planning is an important part of bringing your dreams to life, avoid dedicating more time to the mental preparation than to action. If you spend your entire life planning for what you will do in the future, then when will you actually start living?

Before I started my cake business wanted everything to be perfect, I wanted the perfect website, perfect pictures, perfect business plan, perfect economy, perfect everything. I soon realized that I was spending all my time planning instead of doing. If I was waiting for the perfect time to start, I am sure I will still be waiting today.

Even when I started going live on Facebook, I kept on postponing and posting, saying I will start when I have money to buy the perfect lighting equipment, good microphone and so on. Until I just decided one day to stop waiting and do it. It was perfect but it was a start. And the cake business show has been going from strength to strength. And have now expanded to YouTube and I still haven’t bought my perfect lighting equipment.

If you find yourself always postponing your activities because you feel your plans are yet not finalized or you are afraid, you need to stop planning and start taking action right away. You need to do something and stop worrying about perfection.

Here are a few important steps to help you pave the way:

Try these strategies to help jump start your goal-achieving actions:


  1. Actions speak louder than words

You’ve probably heard this statement before, but have you really considered the meaning? Taking action and achieving are more powerful than simply planning for the future. Start taking steps in the right direction while planning, instead of waiting for every detail of your plan to be complete.

  • Keep in mind that you can accomplish your goals as long as you’re moving in a forward direction. It may take some time, depending on how large your goal is, but moving forward will get you where you want to be. Taking action, regardless of how small, moves you forward.

For instance you want to create a website for your business but you are waiting to get enough money to hire a web developer. Why don’t you do it yourself. I created my cake website all by myself in the course of a 2 week Christmas break from my 9-5 job at that time. Just say each day you will do something like Day 1, open the platform and select a template, Day 2, select cake pictures, day 3- post cake pictures on site, and so on. Just dedicating a time each day to do something, you will see at the end of a period of time, you will be done, feel fulfilled and move on to the next task or goal.



  1. Mind Your Language

Which is more effective, “I am going to start my cake business,” or “I am starting my cake business”? How about the difference between “I am planning on going to a baking school,” and “I am currently attending a baking school”? The differences in these statements may have a profound impact on whether you’re actually going somewhere, or just thinking about it.

  • Try this: Rather than saying “I am going to start my cake business” (which is something you could say for years without doing anything!), take action to start your cake business.
  1. Break goals into smaller bites

Rather than creating a lengthy plan that will take several years to fully realize, why not break your goals into smaller pieces that you can achieve one at a time? Setting goals too far into the future can hamper your ability to take small steps in the right direction now.

  • For example, say you want to lose 100 pounds. Try setting goals to lose 1% of your body weight per week until you reach your final goal. Achieving several weight loss goals over a period of time will help keep you motivated rather than struggling endlessly for that one far-off goal.
  • Perhaps you want to achieve something over a period of time, such as making N500,000 this year from cake sales. In this case, you can break your goals into weeks, months or quarters. For you to make N500,000 in sales, you need to make about N40,000 in sales in each. This amount is achievable and realistic then you can now focus on marketing to those customers to achieve your monthly target. This will help you feel a sense of success with your progress as you work toward the larger goal of making N500,000.


Having  your plans broken down to small actionable steps that you can work on a day-to-day or monthly basis will help measure your progress and also help you to stop procrastinating.

Don’t just plan to achieve a goal. Plan to try new things as well. This will help you overcome the fear of failure.


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  1. Be Accountable

Make yourself accountable to somebody you respect. If you have a mentor in your life, talk to your mentor and share your plans with him/her. Accountability is a great motivator. For instance, you plan to quit your 9-5 to concentrate on your cake business, tell a friend to keep you accountable so you do it when you will say you will do it.

In fact I give thanks to a friend who made sure I stuck to the date I decided to resign from my job. I kept on postponing and postponing until one day she said give me a definite date that you will hand in you resignation letter and true to form on that date she called me and ask me if I had done it. That pushed me to take action. If I had not told her I would have just been saying later, later.

  1. Healthy competition is good

Healthy competition is a great way to stop planning and start doing. Have a competitive spirit. Compete with somebody who is doing better than you in your domain. If a fellow baker is posting 2 times a day, try and post something 3 times.



  1. Believe in yourself

Lastly believe in yourself. Self-confidence is the key element in achieving anything.


Sometimes you may feel challenged to build the momentum you need to achieve goals and get where you want to be in life. Raise your standards and expect action from yourself instead of just thoughts and words.

If you’re struggling to move from planning to actual accomplishments, try breaking your goals into smaller pieces. You’ll be amazed at how motivational a little success can be!

So now what things are you going to take action on now. Will love to hear from you.


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