What Other Successful Cake Business Owners Do Not Want You To Know

As a Cake Business owner, I’ve learned that it takes a lot to start a business and grow it to profitability so that you can get the kind of income you want.

Over the past two years, I’ve grown this website to more than 3,000 monthly readers, launched various online courses, started a successful cake business, built an online business and more.

Now, I’m teaching other cake business owners how to get started in starting their cake business with my Free Course – Start Your Cake Business In Nigeria Today  and also been teaching bakers how to be a master in the art of selling, pricing, marketing, branding and structuring your cake business. Just click on this link to view our available Online Training’s.



This week, I want to share some of my best business advice and success tips so you’ll be prepared to start and grow your successful cake business in Nigeria.

Start Today

You can’t afford to sit around waiting for to get capital to start your business, or hoping and praying that an angel investor will come along to help you implement your idea or complain that you don’t have the time. If you do not have money to start your business, with as little as N4,000 you can buy ingredients and start selling cupcakes to people so little by little you can start raising your own capital to start or buy equipment for your business.

The only way to learn is by doing, stop complaining and harbouring negative thoughts, and stop making excuses. All these won’t help you start a business and it sure won’t help you have the income you want for yourself.


It does take longer than expected to get a steady stream of Customers and Income

I’m sure you already know this already.  Weather you started big or small, it  takes time to develop a marketing strategy, knowing what works in your business get customers, how to price you cakes well and how to use social media in your business.

If you want more orders and customers then you need to market yourself more. I have a marketing course The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Your Cake Business which is a 4 Week comprehensive Cake Business Marketing Course that will guide you on all marketing techniques to promote your cake business


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Struggling to book more cake orders in your cake business?

In order to grow your cake business, you NEED more cake orders…right?

If you are stuck trying to grow your cake business with no success, then you need a step to step guide on how to market your cake business.

The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Your Cake Business has  many strategies you can double your cake business and book more cake orders

This 4 Week comprehensive Cake Business Marketing Course will guide you on all marketing techniques to promote your cake business and remove any anxieties you may have.          


It is not going to be easy, you will not become a millionaire overnight but with adequate planning, being positive and having enough passion you will see that your customers and income will begin to grow.



Have A Good Recipe Base

You must be consistent with your recipes. Do you have 2-3 different vanilla recipes? Once you have found a recipe you like which is tried and tested, keep to it. A customer does not want to be eating different versions of the same cake each time they make an order. Your cakes are your signature and we know a signature usually remains the same.

Cake education is a must. You should know the different types of cakes suitable for different uses like for sculpting, creating tiers, and so on. Also what preservatives to use to make cake last and how to change recipes to suit special dietary requirements or requests.  

Have a Good List of Suppliers

It is always convenient to have a good list of suppliers who are reliable and provide good quality. You want a handy list of suppliers where you can readily get your cake supplies.

You do not want to have an order to create a Spongebob cake and you are looking and going from market to market, shop to shop looking for the necessary cake pan. If you have a supplier, you can just make a quick call for delivery. This way you can concentrate on creating the best cake possible for your customer.

Yes I know, it does take time to build these suppliers contacts list, however make sure you find the ones who are reliable, the prices are reasonable, have an option for delivery, give great customer service, and whose products are of good quality.

So do your research, Google and you can even ask your baker friends where they get their supplies from.



Have a Clear Company Policy for giving Discounts

We all get these type of customers. Those you complain about our price, those who do not know the time and energy it takes to create a cake, those who want to pay next to nothing for a cake or just want it for free.

So how do you deal with these customers? Make it a point to have clear guideline as to when and who you will be giving discounts. Know how to charge for family and friends and the general public. For example you can make it a policy to give a 50% discount for family and friends and for the general public you will only go as low as 15% or offer them some cupcakes instead of a discount.

It’s your business, so your rules. Don’t let a customer dictate what price or discount you should give them.

Don’t let the bad days put you down

Like in all businesses, you will have good and bad days. You may deal with a difficult customer, or a cake may collapse as you are delivering or a whole month may go by and you haven’t had a single customer.

Yes it is disheartening and yes you may feel like giving up but this is your business and more than likely you depend on the income you generate from it so even though you have a bad day or a cake disaster,  just dry your tears and get on with it.

And lastly,

Build Relationships

Never stop building meaningful relationships with customers and other people in the  baking and event planning industry.

Don’t really view them all as your competitors. View them instead as collaborators  or potential partners. You never know what additional business you can get from these partnerships.

So what have you learnt so far from your cake business. Will love to hear from you.



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