5 Ways To Taking Beautiful Pictures of Your Cakes So You Get More Sales

As a cake business owner, we do many things and handle a lot of tasks. If we are not baking or decorating, we are taking orders, delivering our cakes, marketing, designing, cleaning the kitchen, following up with customers, shopping for ingredients, keeping accounts and so on. Life as a cake artist is a full time job.

So I am sure the last thing you want to do is to start to take a picture. Most times we just want to finish the order and get on to the next one or just rest. So we may not even remember to take a good picture or we hurriedly take a picture on the messy table or in the cake box.

But you need to realise that your cakes are the heart of your business and so you need a beautiful cake pictures. So do not rush this important step. You need to take your time to take high quality pictures of your cakes so you can display them on your website or social media.

And you don’t need to have an expensive camera or employ a photographer to take your cake pictures.

All it takes is you knowing a few important keys to photographing your cakes.


Lighting Is Very Important

Natural light is always the best. Always take you r Photos under natural light near a window. Soft light from a window or an overhead light will give a beautiful effect on a cake.  If the weather is bad or you cannot use natural light (maybe because its late at night), you can use the filters on your smartphone to create a light effect for your cakes.

Later you can invest in a photo box which provides all the light you need to make your cakes look beautiful.

Pie Sweet Cake Dessert Pastry Cream Birthd

Take Your Photo From All Angles

Make sure you photograph your cake from different angles. You can take overhead and side shots too. For overhead shots, stand on a chair and take the picture from above. For side shots, bend down to get the side shot angle. For cupcakes, you can take a shot from the side view.  This will make the cakes look as if they are fading into the distance.

Cupcakes Vanilla Frosting Dessert Sweet Ca

Remove All Distractions

When taking a picture, remove all clutter from the table. Your cake may look nice, but if there is a pile of dirty plates in the background that will just spoil your picture. Place your cake on a cake stand on a clean table. You can even invest on some wall paper and use this as a background.

Cake, Banh Gato, Ball, Milk, Lam Banh

Play Around With Background Colour and Fabrics

Most cakes look nice against a clean white wall but if that is not possible. Play around with different colours and fabrics and see how different your cakes will look.

Cake Wedding Cake Marriage White Dessert C

Create A Brand For Your Pictures

When taking pictures of your cakes, think about your brand. Let your Photos be consistent and match your brand. This will create a professional look. It can be as simple as placing your logo at a certain angle on your picture. If you are using a background, you can make sure it’s in the same colours as your brand.

Italian Food Tiramisu Italian Food Cake De

So I hope I have given you great tips on how you can crate stunning pictures. To think about it, cakes are just like people. Before you take a picture, you make sure your makeup is on point, your clothes look nice and so on. Our cakes are an extension of us, so take time to make sure your cakes look as good as you.

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