A Sure Way On How To Get More Sales And Orders For Your Cake Business

I am always getting messages from bakers asking me how they can get more orders. They have done the social media thing, given out their business cards, told family and friends.

But they want more, they want something bigger. They want to be fully booked out for months. So that each month they have like up to 7 or more orders.

So how do they achieve this?

Sell Your Cakes At Outside Events.

What do I mean by this?

Outside Events include such things as selling your baked goods at, food fairs, food festivals, church fairs, markets, interhouse sports competitions in schools,, charity events, expos, trade fairs, musical shows, pta meetings, club events and so on. Anyplace that has a congregation of people in one place.

You can make a list right now of places you can sell your cakes. Start with your church or mosque and then move on to schools and then sponsored events.

Every or so month there is usually a fair or festival going on. Such as the GT bank food festival. Also churches nowadays hold charity events where you can purchase a booth for a low price and you can sell anything you want.

These events are great way to make your brand known and to sell directly to the people that matter.

Not convinced enough?

Here are some reasons why you should do outside events:

  1. You will make some much needed cash

Fine, you will not make millions, but if you are short of cash, you can make a few thousand of Naira just by selling some cupcakes and cakes. And after deducting the cost of the stall/booth and ingredients, you should have some tidy profit.


Bun Muffins Batch Buns Muffins Muffins Muf

  1. You will get new customers

You will get a steady stream of new customers who have never heard from you. So when they come upon your stall, you will have a chance to market to them. So you are reaching out to your target customers. You do not even have to wait for people to come upon your stall, go around the event with samples of your cakes and when they take a taste, give them your business cards.

  1. You can even take Bookings there and then

As people come to you to sample or buy your cakes, have your cake photo album/portfolio with you and tell them that that if they make an order now you will give them a discount.

This will encourage them to at least book a cake with you now instead of waiting to later when they might have forgotten you.


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  1. Great way to get people’s contacts

You can have a little notebook for people to write down their details. As they come to taste a sample or to buy, ask them politely if they can leave their name, phone number and email address. This way you will have their contacts and can contact them directly through your email or sms campaigns.

  1. It is an opportunity to promote your business

You are meeting your direct customer’s face to face so talk to them about your business. After they buy, give them your business cards and tell them that they can order online on your Facebook or Instagram or your website and that all the information is on your business card.

  1. Free Advertising

Most times, such events will be covered on social media or even newspapers, radio or even the church magazine or bulletins.

So this is free media and social media coverage for you. Also there is usually a photo wall at such events and your logo will be featured. Take pictures on that wall, encourage your friends and customers to take pictures eating your cake by your stall and post on social media.


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  1. You can run a raffle

If you want more participation and engagement. You can run a raffle where the winner will win a big cake. You can sell raffle tickets at the events for a minimal fee and make a grand display when announcing the winner.

This will generate interest and a crowd. Let someone be handing out your business cards or flyers to the people around.


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  1. You will get out of the house at last

If for nothing else it will give you a chance to get out of the house. We bakers are an introverted lot and we like nothing more than being in our cocoon. But we need to go out and be under the sunshine and meet people. So even if you do not achieve much, you will get much of the needed vitamin D and at least make some sales.


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