Wondering How To Price Your Cakes? Let Me Show You How

This will be very helpful to bakers out there.

Baking Business School

I decided to repost this article that i posted some time back on how to price your cakes. You have to realize that once you get your pricing sorted you can now move and pay attention to other important aspects of your cake business like marketing.

Another reason why you need to price and cost properly is that you will determine the profit your business makes and you can now know where to reduce costs and when you can give discounts without you losing money

Here are the basics so you can make a start on pricing your cakes for profit.

pricing masterclass 3.jpgIn this Masterclass you will learn:

  • How to gain confidence in pricing and selling;
  • How to market to the right customers;
  • How to price cakes easily without stress;
  • Customers relations: How to deal with customers so they accept your price always;
  • Systems you should put in place…

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