Day: January 1, 2019

The Best New Year’s Gift you will ever have


My New Year’s Gift to you!

Goal Planner pic.jpg


This may be the best New Year gift you will get.

You know why?

Because this gift will make you achieve all your dreams for 2019.

How would you like in December 2019 to have achieved all your goals and dreams.

That will be awesome right?

But how can you do that.

It is not by magic. 

All you have to do is plan.

You know why many people fail in their goals.

It is because they fail to have a plan.

How many of you have seen or heard these quotes? I am sure I have mentioned it a few times on my blog.


If you want to succeed with your goals, you need to first write them down and plan on how you are going to achieve it.

In essence you need to make them specific, measurable, and completed with a deadline. 

Let me give you an example, one of my goals last year was to take my children to Disney world in Florida. We all know travelling can be very expensive not to talk about going to Disney world.

But that was one of my goals.

So from January 2018 I started looking online for tickets, hotel booking and so on. I didn’t have the money at that time, but I still booked my hotel.

I then made a note of how much everything will cost so I started working at it. I made a plan of how many products and customers I will need to sell to achieve that amount.

So let’s say I needed N1,000,000 in 5 months so that’s means I will need to earn as profit N200,000 each month. Once I broke it down like this- N200,000 a month didn’t seem so bad. To earn that N200,000 each month I have to sell products worth that amount.

Well I worked at it and I was able to treat my kids to Disney world and it was a memorable experience, one that my precious ones will remember for a long time. You can read about my experience at Disney world here.

When I set that goal, honesty I was scared, because I know how much it will be for all 3 of us to go.

But I really believe that when you write things down and put it to God and tell Him that this is what you want to do, the Universe will align itself to make things happen.

Money will not drop from the sky (although I really wish it does) but events and opportunities will just come to you that will make that goal happen.

That’s why it’s important to have and make use of a Goal Planner.

With a Goal Planner you can set your goals and plan how you can achieve them

Here are a few tips for your own goal setting so that you are all set for the New Year:-

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  1. What do you want out of life?

It is very important to define your goals and your dreams. What do you really want out of life?

Financial security?

To build your own house?

A cake shop?

To be booked out every day?

Go on vacations when you like?

To buy land?

To live abroad?

To be able to invest?

For your children to go to a better school?

To expand your product line?

To hire staff?

What are your dreams and goals? What do you want?

Have you ever really sat down and thought through your life dreams and decided what you really want in this life?

What are your dreams?

Write down all of your dreams as you think of them. Don’t think of any as silly, stupid or foolish—remember—you’re dreaming! Just write all the thoughts that come to your head. 

Want to live in a 10 bedroom mansion by the sea? Write it down.

Want to be the No.1 cake maker in the world? Write it down.

Now, here is the vital bit.

Now prioritize those dreams. Which are most important? Which are most achievable? the most realistic.

You may have said I want to earn N100 million. Yes that will be great, but is it realistic?

Arrange them in the order you will like to achieve them.

Plan, Objective, Strategy, Goal, Process

  1. Make Your Goals S.M.A.R.T

The simple fact is that for goals to be powerful, they should be to be SMART.

SMART just means that your goals should be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound
  • Specific

Your goal must be specific, clear and well defined. You need direction, so when writing your goals down, be as specific as possible. Don’t just say I want more customers.

A SMART goal is that by the end of each new month I will have gained 10 or more new customers.

You need to specify where you want to go by defining precisely where you want to end up.

  • Measurable

At the end of each week, month, quarter you will need to measure your progress. So when setting your goals include precise dates, amounts, deadlines so you can measure your degree of success.

If your goal is simply defined as “To make more money in my business” how will you know when you have been successful?

A SMART goal will be to make at least N150,000 per month.

If at the end you do not make that sum, you can now think of ways of how you can increase your business so you can make that amount.

Whether it is by increasing your pricing or upping your marketing or maybe reducing your expenses.

Without a way to measure your success you will just be going through the motions and can miss out on actually knowing whether you have actually achieved something or not.

  • Attainable

Make sure that it’s possible to achieve the goals you set. If you set a goal that you have no hope of achieving, you will just be frustrated and give up. You should not just say you want 100 new customers in the first month.

A SMART goal will be I will focus on getting 2-5 new customers and once you have achieved that you can start increasing that number each month.

New Year, 2019, Happy New Year, Start

  • Realistic

Please make your goals realistic. A goal should be something that that you can make real or can become a reality in our lives.

Many of us set goals that are not realistic. Yes, you should stretch yourself, but it has to be realistic.

So let say I want to make N10,000,000 by December 2019 and you are a home baker. Sorry to say this is not a realistic goal.

A SMART goal will be by the end of December 2019, I will have made N1,000,000 or more in profit. If you further break it down, that means you need to make about  N85,000 each month.

Please do not get me wrong, we should all set big goals, goals that will make us think outside the box, but it must be Realistic.

Deadline, Stopwatch, Clock, Time

  • Time-Bound

Your goals must have a deadline. You cannot be working in perpetuity. You should have an end date for all your goals.

In the examples above, you will have noticed that I have been inserting end dates such as month end, year end. You should do that to.

Each of your goals should have a time line attached to it.

As humans if there is no timeline, we will just get lazy or just forget about it. But if you know that you have to get those 5 customers by month end, believe me you will get your bum out of bed in the morning and look for those customers to come and buy your products.

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  1. Have an Accountability partner

Lastly to be more effective in achieving your goals. You need an accountability partner.

Once you have written your goals, share them with someone you trust. If you set a goal and only you know about it, you may not be very serious about it.

But if you have someone screaming in your ear reminding or asking you if you have made that sale, gone for that meeting, you will be more inclined to achieve that goal.

I know it might be daunting sharing your goals with someone. It can put you in a vulnerable state because they are knowing your inner most thoughts and desires, but please try to do this, because it works.

It can be your parent, your partner, sibling or friend, but share it with at least someone and probably someone you are afraid of a little. If you know you have to answer someone at the end of the day, you will push yourself more to achieve that goal.

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As we start this New Year, don’t expect to achieve all your goals. If you do, great but most will not achieve all the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. But do not let this keep you down.

The fact that you are working on your goals, makes you step closer to achieving them. You can achieve them this year, or next year.

Yes you may not get that monthly goal of 10 customers, but even if you get 3 or even 1, that’s something and you should really applaud yourself for that.

Just do something every day to make your dreams and goals come true.

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Whatever you do, take action and put this Goal Planner somewhere visible to you. You need to see it to remind yourself about your goals and what you need to do each day.

Make it part of your day to review your Goal Planner so you can monitor your progress.

I hope this Goal Planner will be useful to you.  Will love to hear from you, so comment below. 

If you want me to be your accountability partner, just comment below with your email address.

Also please feel free to share this blog and Goal Planner with others so they will have the help to achieve their goals.

Here is wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness May this New Year bring new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations in your life.

Have a wonderful and prosperous 2019.

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