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What To Say To Get More Cake Orders

How do you talk your way to get more sales?

Why do some business owners always seems to have sales.

Their cakes may not look or taste as good as yours but when you go on their social media pages, they have a lot of followers, you see a lot of likes, engagements and people inquiring about their cakes and prices.

How do they do it?

Is it some magic formula or is it that they are just lucky?

Some may say they have the gift of the gab or they are great marketers or they are born charmers.

Have you heard the expression that he/she can sell ice to an eskimo?

Wouldn’t it be great to have that skill where you can talk your way to a sale or post something on Instagram and you will get a lot enquiries.

Well I’m going to tell you that there is a way to talk or communicate to get more cake orders.

Let me reveal to you this marketing secret.

Just as being a baker, cake artist, cake decorator or whatever you call yourself is a skill. How you communicate to your potential customers is also a skill. Luckily this skill is something you can learn easily.

Talking to customers whether in person, on the phone, email, text  or on social media is what helps you to get customers, keep customers and make them be coming back to order from you. Also these channels can make you lose customers.

So how can you talk your way to get sales?

Before I go through how, you have to first realise that you are a skilled professional and so must conduct yourself professionally at all times. You are no more a hobby baker or an amateur baker; you are professional cake artist, so you should see yourself as such.

So to communicate more effectively to get more sales, these are the things you should do:

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Always start with a story

Who doesn’t like hearing a story? We all do.

You will notice that you will get more engagement on social media if there is a personal story in your postings.

So let’s say you posted a child’s birthday cake where the top tier is a princess theme and the bottom tier is a batman theme. Instead of saying this is a picture of a 2 tier princess and batman cake. You can say this is a cake I made for a mum of twins (a boy and girl). She had a tight budget and didn’t want to spend money on 2 cakes for her twins, so I helped her out by creating a one of a kind 2 tier cake so each twin will have their own type of special character.

The part was a success. Everyone was happy, the twins got the cake they wanted and she didn’t have to spend money on 2 cakes, so we saved her money.

Tell me isn’t what I said more interesting  than just saying princess and batman cake. You told a story, you mentioned how you helped the mum. You have created a picture in the mind of your potential customers. So it showed how you cared.

So when next you post something on your social media pages, think of a story to create around that post.

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Talk as if you are talking to one person rather than general

Talk to one person even though you are talking to many. People can tell if you send a broadcast message. So it is not really speaking to them. Make your potential customers feel special.

Use their names, if possible. Also use words like ’you’, ‘you will love this’, ‘get yours now’, ‘your office colleagues will love these cupcakes’, ‘make your husband happy by sending him this luscious tempting chocolate cake’.

In addition, positive words go a long way, examples are using words like awesome, super, brilliant, splendid, amazing, breath taking, remarking, wonderful, astounding.

I can go on and on. Just use to find various words to use.

In one of my courses i have a done for you template on how you can describe your cakes to entice customers. If you are interested in this Course, just head to this link to get more details;

Always direct your communication to a sale

You are in business to make money right unless you are running a charity. But I’m sure for the thousands that are reading this you want to make money.

You can describe your cakes now from now to kingdom come, but if you do not tell your people to buy. They will not buy. Please do not assume that when you post a picture of a mouth-watering cake and your description is so tempting that it will make one’s mouth water that they will automatically say I want to buy this cake.

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You have to tell what your customers to do. Something that may seem so obvious to you may not be obvious to others. So do not be leaving money on the table by not stating specifically how they can order from you.

At the end of your post, put selling words like ‘order here’, then post a website or phone number or ‘buy this cake by going to this link’ or ‘contact this Whatsapp number’.

Tell them exactly what they should do to order a cake from you. You do not want to leave room for assumptions.

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Let them know you

People buy from people they know, like and trust. So you have to be more open. I am not saying you should reveal everything about yourself. Of course some things should be kept private.

But try and let people into your world. Let them know that there is a face behind the brand. People want to know about you. You are the one that makes your business come alive.

From time to time release videos about yourself. Talk to your audience. Let them see you decorating a cake. If you are on snap chat, post short videos of you going about your day.

Please do not feel that you are not pretty enough, or that you’re not the right body shape or you don’t wear makeup. You are special. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. If you see some of my videos, Its hardly glamorous but I know I have something to say, I am adding value to people’s lives.

I’m sure if you are gaining something from somebody, you are hardly noticing that their hair is out of place or that they are skinny or fat. You are just happy that you are learning something or being entertained.

So don’t worry about all those superficial nonsense. You are adding value.

You are what makes your business interesting so start showing yourself of.

Lets others speak for you

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You do not always have to be the one who does all the talking. Let your customers help you out.

That is why I love testimonials and reviews. If you notice I post them from time to time on my Facebook group and Page.

When you get a positive feedback from a customer, post it on your pages. Also encourage your followers, fans to leave reviews and recommendations on your Facebook page or even just tell others about your business.

When people come to your social media pages and see other people praising your work or your service, they are more inclined to follow you and then eventually make an order so they can have a taste of what others have been raving about.

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So as you can see,  you can have a lot more orders and have a lot more followers  just by changing the way you communicate.

Believe me if you keep doing all what I suggested above, you will have a lot more followers and engagements for your posts which will lead to more orders.

The more you talk, the more people will know about you.

Customers will not fall from the sky; you can to tell them about your business.

If you are silent, you will not make any money

So make noise.

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