Day: January 15, 2019

2019 Must Do’s For All Cake Business Owners

We want this year to be better, right?

I too want the same for your business.

It is no longer status quo. Your business should be moving forward not remaining stagnant or worse going backwards.

I have complied some vital tips you should be doing to have a successful 2019.

Read and apply.

Get Organized

To be successful in business you need to be organized. You should have a data list of all your customers like their email, telephone number, office or home address.

With a data list you can be periodically be sending them marketing campaigns or text messages of your promos, announcements, contests or new additions to your product line. Look for ways to thank your loyal customers like sending them a surprise box of cupcakes at their workplace or inviting tem to a special vent where you will be.

You should always be in the mind of your customers. Don’t just throw away their information after the order is done with. Continually stay in touch with them. Alsothis goes for people who did not go ahead with an order still keep their information and send them your marketing material also.

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Have a Written Plan

What do you want your business t look like in 2, 3,5, 10 years’ time? Write it down and make a plan of how you will achieve it. Without a plan, it is merely a dream. Outline your business plan, your goals, income goal,  a sales and marketing plan, and a determination of the cash you need to get things done. Writing it all down is a crucial first step.


Don’t just read bakery books. Read books on Finance, business and entrepreneurship. Make it a goal to read at least one business book a month for a start and grow from there. Expanding your knowledge is vital for not only your growth but also your business growth. There are many books you can find online that are free that can expand your knowledge. So there is no excuse.

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Be Creative

Always be looking for ways to improve your business and to make it stand out from the competition. Look for partners, training, courses, seminars that you can learn from.

Remember that you do not  know everything so  be open to new ideas and new approaches to your business. 

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Increase Your Marketing Efforts

Effective marketing is key to getting customers and increasing your cake orders. Marketing takes a lot of forms. And you can include it anywhere in your business.  Everyone by now should know you are a cake artist or baker. Make use of branded t-shirts, badges, even stickers on your car. Be very active on social media and never ever stop talking about your business to everyone you meet.

I have been working on a new Marketing Course that is guaranteed to supercharge your business. It will be coming out towards the end of January so start saving up for it. You will not want to miss. I have given you enough warning.

 Provide Great Service always

Customer service is important. If you provide a very good service to your customers, they are more inclined to remember you when next they need a cake instead of going to your competition.

Study Your Competition

To be successful, you can’t be afraid to study and learn from your competitors. You never know  they may be doing something right that you can implement in your business to make more money or if they are doing not something that you can easily provide, that will be an advantage over them. So do some research and see what new things you can implement in your business.

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Understand how to price your cakes

I am not going to say much here as I have written so many articled on how you can price your cakes. You can download the free guide on how to price your cake here.

Pricing your cakes is vital. If you do not know how to price you will just be undercharging yourself. So learn how to price and do not be afraid to quote and defend your price to your customer.

To be successful in business, is not an overnight thing. You have to plan and work hard at it. If you want more success you will have to make the necessary changes  for success to happen.

The change may be as simple as getting a finance person to teach you accounting or taking a Marketing Course.

Take these tips I have written and apply them. Learn something new each day and just dont read and forget, read and implement.

Here is to you having a successful and profitable 2019.

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Discover The Biggest Mistakes You’re Making In Your Cake Business Today and how to avoid them – Then What You Can Do Right Now to Start Loving Your Business Again!

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