Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas For Your Cake Business

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away this is a great opportunity for your cake business to benefit from this.

Here are some promotion ideas your cake business can use for the days leading to Valentine’s Day.

Run a Competition

You can run a special Valentine’s Day competition where entrants can send in a picture of their boo or write a few lines about why they love someone.

The winner will get a free Valentines cake delivered to them or some special cupcakes.

Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas

Create a Valentine Gift Guide

Many people sometimes are at loss as to what gifts to give on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers but is an opportunity to show love.

Also people want to give something different on Valentine’s Day rather than the usual common gifts or they want to appreciate their parent, colleague of pastor. So why don’t you take that worry out of them and create a guide on what gifts to give to different categories of persons on Valentine’s day.

Depending on the type of products you sell, you can arrange your gift ideas like this:

  • Perfect Valentines gifts for the woman in your life
  • Valentines gifts for your Boyfriend
  • Great Husband gifts for Valentine’s day
  • Suitable Valentines gifts for your colleague
  • Appreciate your friend with this Valentine gift

Publish your gift guide on your website, or on your Facebook page or as a blog post and promote.

Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas

 Send your customers a Valentine’s Day card

I am not talking about a physical card. Look through your email list and send Valentine’s Day cards to customers.  This is a way to appreciate them as they have supported you in your business.

Just send an appropriate electronic card and you can even include an offer at the end giving them 10% off their next order. This again will encourage them to order from you in the future.

For your special customers who have spent a lot on your business you can do something extra  (if you have the means) like delivering a small box of mini cupcakes to their office or house with a Valentine’s card telling them how much you appreciate their support, especially for the single ones.

Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas

Develop a special Valentines range of cakes

You can create a new small range of valentine cakes and cupcakes and promote it to your email list, website and social media.

Need some ideas, just go here:

Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas

Partner with another business

Not every business is in competition with you. Think of business that goes well with Valentine’s Day.

You can partner with a florist and create a combined gift package where every cake ordered comes with a bouquet of roses. Or you can partner with a spa, nail or hair salon where a package will include a pampering session.

Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas

Have I gotten your creative idea list whirring? These are just a few ideas you can use as a marketing strategy for your business this valentine season.

Think about what you want to achieve? Do you want more sales, or you want more people to know your brand, or you want to appreciate your customers more or you want to engage more with potential customers

These ideas will help you achieve some of this.

The whole of February is a great marketing opportunity. There are a lot of things you can do in February apart from Valentines to entice more customers to come to your business.

Need more ideas and tips, Just go to this link:

Now tell me. What are you going to use this valentine for your business? Will love to hear from you.  Just comment below.

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