Easy Guide to Get Sales in your Cake Business

This past week I held some one to one coaching sessions with some of you that registered.

I got so much requests for coaching sessions that it was quite overwhelming. There  was a limit to the number of people I could personally coach, so I apologise if you registered for one and I could not get to you.

I plan to do another round in another few weeks, so look out for that.

One common thread with many of you when I was holding the coaching session was that you were finding it difficult to sell your cakes. In other words, Marketing is a challenge for many.

Marketing is the only way you can make the sales.

Marketing is the only way you can make the money you want in your business.

During my coaching session, I kept hearing the same story.

Abi asked ‘How do I source customers’, Dami was confused on ‘how to create awareness for my products’, Funola asked‘ how do I make sales’ and Omo was like, ‘ how do I get orders from people around me’.

The questions were all different but all dealt on selling.

So this week I want to disclose to you some of my answers I revealed to them in my coaching sessions.

Baking Business School, Rotimicakelady

There are opportunities all around you

Your customers are everywhere. You might not believe it right now. But your next customer is among the people around you.

Look are areas and people around your locality where you can market your business.

Do you live near schools, a university, offices, churches. Even though you are a shy person or don’t have friends, start with what you have.

Do you have a child in school? Start form there. Ask to sponsor their next PTA event with some nicely decorated cupcakes. Schools are a great source of customers because that is where your target customers are- which are mothers,.

At such events, you don’t just drop your cupcakes and leave. Market yourself. Go to people and ask them if they liked the cupcakes, tell them you are avaliable to make various baked good for their occasions and of course give them your business cards.

When you do this continually for like 2-3 events at the school. You will see that your brand reach will be increasing and eventually you will get more sales.

This same strategy also applies to places like churches and offices. Provide a  few free samples and talk about your business. Do this and watch the orders come in.

Baking Business School, Rotimicakelady

Brand yourself

Branding is very important. We want people to associate you with cake. So how do you do this?

As you go about your daily activities, like while dropping your children at school, going to the market, making a delivery, wear a branded t-shirt of your business.

You can buy different coloured t-shirts from the market. Then find someone to print your logo on the t-shirts. You can even print funny slogans on some of the t-shirts like ‘ Want cake, call me’, ‘a party without cake is just a meeting’; ‘you can’t buy happiness but you can buy cake’.

When you do this, you may not notice it but people are watching. Your brand is registering in their heads subconsciously. So do not be shy about using yourself to advertise your busines.

Baking Business School, Rotimicakelady

Have a cake party

One strategy I told a member in one of my coaching sessions was the idea of having a cake party.

She mentioned to me that she lived near a polytechnic. I told her she could have a lot of business from the students. I told her that if she knew one person who lived in a hostel she could have a cake party where she will offer free samples of her cakes, pastries and other baked goods to the students.

She could print flyers to distribute to students inviting them to sample free cake. At the party, students will have a chance to sample her products, she can have one on one conversation with them. She can then distribute her menu of items or her business cards to those that attended.

The wonderful thing is that you have all your target customers in one room, so this is the most excellent opportunity for you to project the best version of your business and to market to your ideal clients.

Baking Business School, Rotimicakelady

Use a Broadcasting system

Lastly let me give you a bonus strategy for getting more customers. In one session, a lady informed me that she gets a lot of repeat customers. I told her that was good and she should capitalise on that.

She should create a database of those customers and send them periodic emails or texts. She should also contact them before a person’s birthday in their household and ask them to book a cake for a special price offer.

Another strategy I spoke about was to encourage her current customers to refer her business. She could start a campaign by sending out a message to her current customer base saying that if their friends orders a cake from you,  they will get a free box of cupcakes.

These are just a few strategies I discussed in my coaching session. Of course these strategies are just a snippet of what you will learn in the ultimate marketing course you can get for cake business owners.

This bestselling marketing course is called The ultimate guide to marketing your cake business.

Marketing can be done in a number of different ways and this course will show you how to effectively strategise your marketing plan to make more sales.

This Course consists of 4 Modules that will teach you on all aspects of marketing your cake business.

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing your cake business

Some of the things included in this Course are:

  • Detailed, step-by-step action you can take to get started with marketing;
  • Cake Business Marketing tips for the Nigerian market;
  • What to include in your cake business marketing plan;
  • Marketing Strategies for a Cake Decorating Business;
  • How to market your cake business on social media;
  • Business branding;
  • Who is my ideal client?
  • How to find more customers;
  • and much much more

To get this course, just go to this link: https://bakingbusinessschool.com.ng/the-ultimate-guide-to-marketing-your-cake-business/

I’m running a special offer, where instead of paying N15,000, you only have to pay N7,500.

So don’t miss out, as this offer will end by this time next week.

So what strategies are you going to employ to improve sales in your cake business. Comment below. Will love to hear from you.

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