5 Things To Stop Doing Now To Prevent Your Customers Going To Your Competitors

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Whether you’re a big time cake seller or a small home based baker, you know how painful it is to have a customer leave you and go another baker or your competition.

It hurts. It makes you feel you are not good enough. You start questioning your abilities and wonder what the other baker has or is doing better than you.

Competition is not nice, especially when you’re the one losing. But that’s business life. When you are running a business, you’ve got to face the fact that you are going to face competition, somewhere down the line of your business journey.

So how do you deal with the competition?

There are plenty things you can do but the best approach, however, is to do all you can to keep your existing customers. Your customers are essential to your business because no customers= no business.

Luckily, there ways to prevent…

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