Day: November 5, 2019

Things you need to know to have a cake business as a side hustle.

The reason I am talking about this is that they are some people out there who are still sceptical about this baking stuff. They have a passion for baking but don’t or are not ready to leave their steady 9 to 5.

How can you have a cake business on the side and can it really be profitable when working full time or when you are a student or a stay at home mum.?

Yes it is possible. I mean that is how is started. I was still working as a lawyer and having my cake business on the side. But I have to admit it does take determination and planning.

Today I will divulge 7 things you need to know today about having a cake business on the side:

Set goals – Get very clear on what you want from your cake business

Write down how many cakes you want to sell each week and how much money you want to make. Then decide how you are going to make it happen. Then just do it.

You should get more efficient and selfish with your time

What do I mean by this? Know what time works for you. Wake up earlier, be organised, so you can bake and decorate while your children are sleeping or at school or you will only do your social media marketing when the kids are in bed.

Do it Afraid- Let your passion push past your fear

You love baking cakes. You want to make a living selling cakes.

Yes it will be scary. Things like pricing, marketing, networking, speaking to people about our business are all scary things for most people. Even though you are afraid, just do it.

Ask for help
In order to fulfilling this dream, you need support and help of family members. Ask your mum or a relation to babysit, ask your husband to help out in the house or hire a house help to help you with the cleaning and washing up.

You can have it all but you just can’t do it all by yourself.

It is actually okay to ask for help.  It actually means you are strong, not weak.

One step at a time

Take action. No matter how small. You can start your cake business today. For example, If you cannot afford to go for further training, watch YouTube videos, print out business cards, bake some cupcakes for your next church meeting and tell family and friends you are now selling cakes.

By doing something each day, you can start to fulfill your dream. But staying exactly where you are, nothing will change in your life.

Don’t give up

Like all businesses there will be good days and bad days. There will be weeks where you will have so many orders that you won’t be able to keep up and some months when you are not making any sales at all.

There might even be days where you will be so stressed trying to make a deadline or days when you get a complaints.

Take all these as experience,  learn from them and take it stride.

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