Day: November 12, 2019

Achieving Goals That Really Matter For Your Cake Business

I am a great believer in setting goals. I set goals yearly, quarterly, monthly and daily. I may not achieve them all but they are always at the back of my mind so i know i have to do it.  Goals will make you get up in the morning, it will help you get things done.

If you want to make more money in your business, you can make a goals like to tell 5 new people daily about your business or you can set a goal to make a meeting weekly with a vendor with the aim of them putting your business on their vendor list.

Goal setting is one of the best ways to get ahead in life – but only if you’re setting your goals effectively!

Are you trying for unattainable goals that you aren’t really passionate about? Do you quickly give up on your goals? It can be easy to get discouraged, but you don’t have to end up there!

With the right strategies, you can set goals that really matter to you and meet them more easily than you ever imagined.

Most importantly, your goals should be yours and not someone else’s. The goals that your parents, friends, and family members have for you may not be the same for yourself.

What’s Important to YOU?

Too many people set goals to be rich, write a best-selling novel, or marry someone who’s famous, wealthy, or otherwise important or influential. If those are truly your dreams, there’s nothing wrong with them. However, if they’re just society’s dreams – and not yours – let them go, and think about what really matters to you. What do you want out of your life?

When you’re setting goals, stop and ask yourself, “What will bring you money, joy, fulfillment and happiness?”


Your goals might include things like:

  • Having a cake shop
  • Earning a good income monthly from your business
  • Getting married
  • learning a new cake skill
  • Starting your own cake business
  • Changing careers
  • sending your children to a better school
  • Resigning from your job
  • Buying your own home
  • Having material wealth
  • travelling
  • Being physically fit
  • Being more spiritual

No matter what you choose or how many goals you have, you can reach them if you’re dedicated and committed to making them happen.


Making Your Dreams Come True


Once you’ve decided what really matters to you and you set your goals, you can begin to make them a reality in your life. Although your goals will take some work, watching them come into fruition is exciting and satisfying! 

Follow these tips to help you achieve your goals:

Keep Your Focus

Keep a picture of the life you desire at the forefront of your mind. When frivolous things try to distract you, as they will, remember to make choices according to what’s really important to you. In my bedroom i have a vision board of what i want to achieve in this life, in my business and so on. it includes where i want to live, the car i want to drive, the places i want to visit, the money i want to earn, anytime i feel down when things are not going my way, i look up at my vision board and it energizes me to take action. So how can you keep your focus:

  •  Take action toward your goal every day. Each day, find something you                     can do that will bring you a little closer to meeting your goal.
  • When challenges arise, getting discouraged won’t change anything, so                          seek  solutions that can put you back on track. Just stay focused and                            adjust your plans as necessary.

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Be Open to Change

Your goals aren’t set in stone. If you choose to change what you’re focused on and set a new goal, that doesn’t mean you’ve given up on your goals. It only means you’ve seen that your goals need to change, just as you change. That’s a sign of growth and wisdom.

Set Realistic Timelines

Some goals can be met in a day or a week, but larger goals often take months or years. When you set goals, it’s important to be realistic about how long you expect them to take.

         But mind that,

  • If it’s too far away, you might procrastinate, or you may not start at all.
  • If it’s too soon, you’ll be frustrated and discouraged if you don’t make your deadline.



Divide your Goal into Small Steps

Another great way to reach your goals is to divide big goals into smaller ones. Each small goal is one step, or one task, on the way to achieving your ultimate goal.

  • Set individual deadlines for these small steps. This way, you’ll always be moving forward, one step at a time.
  • For example, if your goal is to start your own cake business, there are things you’ll need to look into like thinking of a name for your business, what type of cake do you want to sell. who do you want to sell to, registration, creating a website , and others. Each one of these tasks is one step. You could also subdivide these steps into even smaller goals. To know what to do in starting your cake business, register for my free mini course on The comprehensive guide to starting a cake business in Nigeria here.


Avoid Giving Up

Many people give up on their goals just before they reach them, not even realizing how close they were. Never give up! You may be closer than you think.


These strategies will enable you to not only reach your goal, but also enjoy the journey along the way – all without getting overwhelmed.

So please share. What are your goals for the month of May? Please comment t so we can support you in achieving your money making cake business dreams.



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