My Story


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My Story

I always had a passion for all things cake, but I never thought i could make a living out of it. 

You might not know this about me, but this was me in 2003, where i newly qualified as a lawyer ( new wig). I wanted to be a lawyer for as long as i could remember. I used to watch ‘LA Law’ as a kid and i loved the way lawyers portrayed themselves.

So it was a proud moment when I qualified as one. I went straight working in a law firm and i did that for the next 10 years. But you know what, i was not particularly happy working as a lawyer, i think i just stayed on because i liked telling people i was a lawyer, i liked the prestige but deep down i knew there was something more to life.

For those 10 years i was doing the same thing day in day out. I thought there was no way out.

You could say i was a bit complacent. I should have not been so fearful in leaving a job that i didn’t like, but i was so scared. 

When  I became a mother raising 2 young kids on my own, I realized that my humble salary was not enough to take care of my needs. I always had a passion for baking, so I decided to start selling cakes. I thought it would be a breeze selling cakes to the public. How wrong I was. I really struggled to make any sales. Even my friends hardly patronized me.

I knew my cakes were good and of good quality, but still people were not buying. I felt like giving up and didn’t know how to market my cakes to make enough sales where I would be able to make serious money to enable me quit my 9-5 job and have more time to spend with my kids.


 I was suddenly responsible for my 2 little girls with hardly any support. That was all i needed to force me to leave my job and start my business. And i have not looked back since. I am so happy, fulfilled and my kids love that i have more time for them.

I knew I needed a change, so I learnt how to market my cake business to the right target market and applied it to my business. I experimented on different strategies and knew what gave me optimum results and what didn’t.

Sometime later, I started getting results. My fellowship and orders started increasing steadily. I even had to enlist the help of some of my family members to help me with my orders. I even get hits on my website from different countries.

I was also getting a lot of inquiries from my subscribers to give them advice on running a cake business. In fact I was becoming quite an expert in my field. And the best part in all of this is that I have a steady stream of income coming in each month.

I know there a lot of bakers who want to start a cake business. A real business that could raise a family and pay their bills and support their household.


Due to high demand of expert cake business advice, I have developed The Baking Business School and Cake Business owners Club offering courses, tips and advice on how to start and run a home based cake business in Nigeria.

 These Courses share all of my experiences I have applied over time, including different marketing and business strategies, to help you build your cake passion business dream.


 I look forward to supporting you in your cake business journey.