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Make 2018 Different- The Year You Take ACTION on Your Cake Business Goals…

December is usually a good time to start planning the next year for your cake business.

Although we may all be busy this Christmas period. It is a good idea to take some time off and plan what you would like to achieve for the forthcoming year.

This week I am going to share my stage process for creating a plan for 2018 that is easy to follow and will enable you to bring in the results you want in your business: 


  • Stage 1: Formulate a Business plan. Right now I am in the process of writing a new business plan for my business. I know when we hear about having a business plan. We think it must be a complex document with lots of numbers and graphs. Think of a business plan has having a road map which will specify what you want to achieve in your business and how you can go about achieving those goals. If you have never created a business plan before, I would advise that you at least do one. It can just be a 1-2 page document. Here I have included a simple guide to creating a business plan for your business.


  • Stage 2: Write your Goals. Think about a goal or goals you would want to achieve this time next year. This could be a financial goal, a personal goal, a customer goal, an income goal, or any goal you want to attain by 31st December 2018. Make a list of your goals (this is different from resolutions). However, when writing these goals, it should be something that is achievable (don’t say that you want to earn N1billion in 1 year) and it must be something that your mind knows it can achieve.



  • Step 3: Make a plan. You cannot just say I want to get 30 new customers by this time next year or want to make N5million by Christmas 2018, if you do not develop or strategize a plan to make it happen. If you want more customers, you will need to develop a marketing strategy. If you want to make more money, you may need to expand your product line, or increase your prices and so on, You cannot have a dream without making steps to actualize that dream.


  • Step 4: Set an achievable date on a calendar. To bring your goals to life and to make sure it is achievable, I recommend getting a 2018 hard copy calendar and pencil in something each day that you will do to achieve your goals. I have found out that when you write something down and you put it somewhere where you can see it every day, you will be more inclined to take action. You don’t have to do something that is spectacular every day. You can do something simple like post pictures on social media. The essence of this is to propel yourself to do something everyday to achieve your goals.


  • Step 5: Group your calendar into quarters (that is, Jan – March, April -June, July – Sept, Oct – Dec). And then write something you want to achieve each quarter. For example, if you want to have 30 new customers in 2018, that means you will need to get about 7-8 customers per quarter. By breaking down your BIG goal into little goals, it becomes more achievable. So allocate one task/goal per month over the course of each quarter.




  • Step 6: Schedule the activities. Pencil in times, days for you to do the activities you need to do that will help you meet your monthly business task/goal.  Do this for everyday in every month for the first quarter for now.


  • Step 7: Schedule some ‘Me’ time. We all need a break now and then. All work and no play makes Jenifer a dull and grumpy cake business owners. So in your calendar allocate some time where you will can just rest or go on holiday. It will be an opportunity for you and the kids to go somewhere or you and your spouse to do something together. During this time you shall you take any cake orders. You are on holiday. It is very important that you take some time off away from your business at times.

  cake 7

  • Step 8: Treat yourself. Lastly I will recommend that you schedule a day in each quarter where you will treat yourself. You have been working so hard, and we sometimes forget to reward ourselves. When you reward yourself for achieving a goal, you motivate yourself further. You can do something like taking you and a friend to a very nice restaurant, or you can buy something nice for yourself. It’s nice when you are working that you have a treat to look forward to down the line.


I hope I have equipped you with the tools to take action and have a plan to achieve your goals for 2018. Please do not say you will do it later. Believe me, something will come up and you will forget. Do it now

First bit of action I want you to take? In the comments below, share with me what item you’re going to take action on and the results you want to achieve in 2018. Don’t just think it, write it down as putting it down in black and white will bring it to life and just be what you need to motivate you to action.

Here is to a fruitful 2018.


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About Me:

Hello, my name is Rotimicakelady and I am a cake business coach that teaches cake business owners how to grow and have a profitable cake business so that they have a constant stream of customers buying their delicious treats.

I have been running my own successful home based cake business for some years now. I have also been teaching bakers through my online courses who are struggling with low sales, with strategies on how to market, and price their cakes for profit.

In addition I am also run a Facebook Group where I coach, offer support and help bakers in their businesses.

I have helped over 50 bakers through my online course A comprehensive guide to starting your cake business in 30 days’ with much needed information on how to start a cake business in Nigeria. I also teach close to 4000 cake enthusiasts through my Facebook Group how to run a money making cake business.

I have been featured in ‘Naija Top Baker’ magazine, one of Nigeria’s foremost cake magazines and also been a Guest Speaker at the Bakery World Convention.

If you are struggling with getting customers for their cakes, I can help you solve this problem by showing you how to market, sell, price, plan, structure and brand your business so you are constantly selling to the right people who want your cakes

How To Find The Right Customers For Your Cake Business

Another week is upon us albeit a rainy one in my part of the world.

It was the first day of school for my kids and they were so excited to be starting a new class.

They woke up early, ready to wear their new school uniforms and couldn’t wait  to head to school with their new bags. Their excitement was certainly infectious.

Looking at them, I wonder why we adults get apprehensive or scared when we encounter a new thing. We get scared to start a business, to leave a job, to chase that customer or contact, to make that phone call or to take that course. So why can’t we be like little children and go with excitement for any new venture.

z and c



Kids all ready for the new school year






So in today’s blogpost, I want to tackle a topic which is very dear to us Bakers and that is getting customers.

So how do we get customers? Well first we need to find the right customers.

Attracting the ‘right kinds of customers,’ does not happen by accident nor does it happen by just creating great looking and tasteful cakes and thinking that they will just come.

The way to get the kind of customers you want can be done by going through 3 steps:


Step 1: figure out who these people are. 

You need to know in great detail the profile of your ideal clients.

 Your ideal clients are the people you want to order from you or to come to your shop.

So think about this.

Are these people  going to be women, mothers. professionals, people around your neighbourhood? How old are they? What kind of event are they usually planning? What type of cakes can they afford? What type and flavour of cake do they order? Where do they shop for their groceries? Do they throw parties often? You need to have a profile in your head of your customer.

And while you are doing this, you have be realistic with your expectations. Just because there is a ready market out there for a particular type of cake, does not mean that you should do those type of cakes.

If you hate doing wedding cakes, then your ideal client is not a bride. Similarly, if you’re a beginner and you’re building your skills up, your ideal client may not be a person who wants like complicated cake designs



Step 2: Figure out how they might find you.

Think like your ideal customer. Think about where would they go to find out about your cake business?

What might they expect to find when they come across your website or shop? What do you think they would  be looking for on your website – would it be pricing information, your cake pictures or your contact info to make an order

Do some research on brands that are in a similar to yours (or where you want your business to be like in the future.) If the kind of people who buy from LV or cake shops like Cakes by Tosan are the clients you want to buy from you, go and look at how they attract clients. Where and how are they advertising,, what extra service do those companies offer?

Search and check out the website of the most expensive bakery you know  even if it’s not in Nigeria. What’s the overall look of their website? What does their packaging look like? A place like Shoprite advertises and prices entirely differently to Cakes by Tosan just like a gourmet cupcake shop would advertise differently to a chain bakery.

All of them manage to be in business so please do not think that your only choice is to be for rich people. 




Step 3: Be that kind of business your customer wants  

Sometimes you may be asking yourself why , “Why do people think I make cheap cakes? I am not Shoprite. If this is so, then look at your business especially pictures of your cakes. If your cakes (while you thinking it looks nice) are photographed not very well or on a messy table, or the pictures are dark or, you don’t have a website.

I’m pretty sure successful cake companies do not do that. Suppose your ideal client is a bride with a lot of money to spend. She’s going to be looking at your business based on what your website looks like. She will be looking at your cakes photos , your reviews, and what customers you have worked with.

Still on brides, when she was coming for a consultation, did you give her samples of your cakes wrapped in plastic, or did you serve them to her on a lovely plate with some nice cutlery?

 If you gave her a sample box to take home, was it in those cheap plastic transparent containers or maybe you just put it in a nylon bag, or did you put it in a white box with a nice ribbon tied around it.

Another example is that if you make children’ cakes and your target market are mothers, did you have a box of books and toys for her kids to play with while you consulted with her? Do you provide free birthday candles with every cake?  Do you offer free delivery to save her the wahala of coming to pick it up? 

Your ideal customers do not just fall from the sky – they know to come there because you’ve told them to come to you, and they stay with you because you give them exactly what they want.

If you want to stop attracting cheap customers, stop acting like a cheap cake business.

So here is wishing you a lovely week. Make it a goal today to do something you have been avoiding so you can attract the right customers.


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me16Rotimicakelady is your personal cake fairy. She is a cake business consultant and Coach.

She runs the Cake Business Owners Club where she helps bakers through Online courses have super profitable and successful cake businesses.

She has a passion for helping women who have a passion for baking, transition from hobby cake makers to successful and profitable cake business owners.

She also help cake business owners who have struggling in their cake business with strategies to enable them get more customers, so you make more money. Rotimicakelady is passionate about Cakes, business and making money.

How To Get More Cake Orders

Today we are talking about how to get more cake orders for your cakes. I mean this is the way how you are going to make money.


Simple-Tell your friends and family that you are taking cake orders

If you want more cake orders. Then you have to tell people. A good way to start is with your family and friends.

Ask them do they have a birthday or celebration coming up to get them to order from you!

Note – Because they are family, don’t let them bully you in baking for free or for a low price!  You are in business. However, you can give them something free such as some cupcakes.



Share on your Facebook Business Page

If you have a Facebook business page. Share on your Page that you are taking cake orders!  Here’s a good example:

” Bose Cake and Bakes are now taking your cake orders. Do you have a birthday or party coming up? Order Now and get a 6 cupcakes free (on orders over N20,000)”.

If you feel you are not getting enough reach, why don’t you boost your Ad. For just $5, your advert will be seen by a whole lot more people. So give it a try (make sure you add a nice picture and your contact details).


 Facebook Groups

This is another way to advertise on Facebook. You can advertise your cakes on other groups. Look around for Facebook Groups where your ideal client hangs out and join those groups and talk about your business.

To go one step higher, you can offer an incentive for them so that they can come over to your own business Facebook page to place an order.

Note – some Facebook Groups do not allow advertisements, so check out the groups rules and regulations so that you do not get kicked out of the group.




 Share with your Email Contacts

Create a pretty newsletter and send it to everyone on your email list.
And you can say something like this:

” Hello, I have a free gift for you. Order your cakes at Bose Cakes and Bakes and get a free box of cupcakes (on orders over N20,000)”.


Sell Your Cakes in Churches /Schools /Food Fairs

You do not have to wait at home for an order. You can go out and sell your cakes. Your church is a good starting point. Also schools during their PTA or sports day is really good. Here you will be able to personally tell people about your cake business, they can sample the cakes you have to offer and they can also buy or order from the spot from you.

So do not be shy, approach churches and schools around your area and ask if you can sell your products at their premises. 

Note – make sure you have business cards to give out.  


So those are some ideas you can try out this week, to boost your sales. I will love to hear about your experience. So comment below to tell me how it goes or if you want to ask me any cake business question.

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me16Rotimicakelady is your personal cake fairy. She is a cake business consultant and Coach.

She runs the Cake Business Owners Club where she helps bakers through Online courses have super profitable and successful cake businesses.

She has a passion for helping women who have a passion for baking, transition from hobby cake makers to successful and profitable cake business owners.

She also help cake business owners who have struggling in their cake business with strategies to enable them get more customers, so you make more money. Rotimicakelady is passionate about Cakes, business and making money.


5 things you should know before Starting a Cake Business from Home


Not only will you have to deal with baking, but there is a lot of administrative work that you will have to deal with too. Frankly an average one man cakepreneur spends about 70% behind the the laptop, shopping for ingredients, drawing designs, talking to customers, marketing, and only 30% actually making cakes.

 Here are my top 5 things  you should know before starting a cake business from home:

 1. Your Kitchen/ Cake Work Area

 Your kitchen or cake area doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have a certain level of standard. One of the most important things you should do before embarking on your new career is to ensure that your cake work area is clean. In other countries, there are usually kitchen health inspections embarked by the local council who will give you a rating score before you can start a business, but I don’t think we have anything like that in Nigeria. But nevertheless you should ensure that you maintain a high standard of cleanliness. Your reputation depends on this and most importantly it ensures the safety of your future customers.

 2. Registration

 If you are just baking occasionally for a few family and friends and don’t charge for your cakes or maybe you just charge just for the cost of the ingredients. This is just a hobby in the eye of the law. If, however, it is done regularly and even a small profit is made, you are considered a business and by this point a lot of things should happen. Namely, you will have to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission to make it legal, file financials at the end of the year and also since you are now making money you must declare your income with the tax authorities.

3. How Much Should I Charge?

 One thing you may have to realize in starting a cake business is that it may be a slow process before you make any substantial money to enable it be your full time career.  This may sound a bit depressing but it’s worth knowing what you are getting into. One of the main reasons for this is not charging enough for my cakes (You can read more about this in my article here) and nor having a business plan in place.

It may be butter and sugar but you need to treat it with the same respect as you do any other business. It’s a fun hobby but when it comes to turning it into a business there’s so much more you need to think about than just figurines. 


4. Show them whose boss

When you calculate how much you want to charge, it won’t be in everyone’s budget – and that’s fine. You will get customers that compare your hours of work to a a commercial brand but you cannot take it to heart. I know its hard because you may feel it’s a reflection on you and your work but it isn’t. There will be customers who ask you to make a 3 tiered cake with handmade models for the next day. Me and you know that is impossible but to a customer they may say that ‘it is just cake’. You will have to let them down gently and say no. You have to learn how to say No. Believe me this will prevent a lot of frustration as you could end up with taking up so much orders because you are afraid to turn a customer down.

This is your business. You have to put you and your family first and don’t let negative comments get to you or bring you down. We’ve all had them, you need to keep your head up and rise above it.


5. Life of a Cake business owner

I think the most important thing to know before starting a cake business from home, is that when you do, you will have one of the best jobs in the world. You are part of so many special occasions, you make so many people smile, your decorating skills and bakes will bring joy to many people, and that is really something to be proud of. There will be long days and even longer nights and you will see that you will need a bigger storage space to keep all your new cake equipment. You will see yourself going to cake shops and the markets to buy that one cutter.

 Being a cake business owner is it really is an great job and is one that I am sure you will enjoy.

 Just know that your worst day as a cake decorator and running your own cake business may be better than the best day in your previous job.



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