Make Money selling Cakes Coaching Programme

Do you want to know how you can sell more Cakes?

Are you finding it hard to make sales and get more customers or are you dealing with cheap clients.

Maybe you need someone to take a step back and look at your business as a whole and see what areas you can improve.

Sometimes you just need a helping hand to help in our business, to grow and help you in the areas where you get stuck


Grow and expand your cake business

Do you want to work Together?

Here are some areas i can help you

How to sell on Facebook, How to find customers, How to build a website, Pricing, Social Media Marketing, Selling Your Cakes, Branding , Website creation, Marketing , Business goals, What cakes to sell, How to sell,  Recipe Book and more.

If you need more information, just fill in the form below






Baking Business Success Formula Package Includes

  • Someone on your team, helping you every single step of the way, with weekly follow ups, work sheets, videos and helping you set up your email newsletter, website, sales funnels, opt in, advertising and whatever you need DONE;
  •  A proven system for writing your goals and plans for 2017 to map out EXACTLY what needs to be done and in what time frame, to make your income goals;
  • Pre-program materials including workbooks and tools to get you started;
  • Access to Whatsapp where I will send you daily tips and messages to keep you motivated and accountable also where you can access cake business training, at any time to suit your lifestyle;
  • I will also look at your current marketing and sales funnels, how to automate and communicate with your customers in a non-desperate way, building momentum, orders and traffic for your cakes. 

The program runs this way:

  •  We establish your top goals for the next 6 weeks (this is the most important aspect);
  • Then we come up with 1-2 super simple daily actions they could take to hit your goals;
  • 1 hour per week chats (being phone or Facetime or Whatsapp chats) whichever your prefer;
  • Will send you materials each week to help you get started implementing your plans;
  • We outline your assignments for  each week;
  •  Each Friday, I send an email to check in on your progress. It’s a weekly shot of inspiration and an action plan, so that you don’t lose your focus and goal, that, when added for 6 weeks enhances your life to be better and easier;
  • This whole exercise runs for 6 weeks;
  •  You get a mentor/friend/business coach by your side every step of the way;
  •  You can ask questions of me personally 24/7 via email (1:1 coaching clients emails are the first I respond to at the start of the work day).

If you’d like to work together, just reserve your slot by sending an email to

The next coaching session will be starting soon.

Your investment in this coaching package is NGN 40,000 (one-time payment) or NGN 50,000 instalment payment (NGN25k/ NGN25k).

You’re being personally invited to join me for this programme because I know I can transform your cake business to something bigger this year, and I know working together is the best way to make that happen.

To work together, make a payment of either NGN40,000 or NGN50,000 to:

Bank: Diamond Bank

Account Name: Three Sisters Cake and Pie Company Ltd

Account No.: 0074933012

Once payment is made, hit reply and let me know so I can celebrate with you and welcome you on this exciting journey together (+ send your receipt of payment)

I would love to support you as you move to a more profitable phase of your business.

Let me know if you have any questions. I can send more details about this coaching programme. Just send an email to

Hope to hear from you soon.

Cake Regards.

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