How to keep your cake customers coming back

Planning is the key to success – by being organised with your promotions you can create constant excitement for your customers and keep them engaged, which in turn will help increase your sales. One of the best ways to plan and run your promotions for the year is on a Month by Month basis. Delegate a person responsible for the promotion and marketing of your products, whether it’s the owner/manager or one of your staff.

This week I will reveal 6 things you can do each month to grow your cake business:

  1. Giveaways

People appreciate even the smallest gifts as long as it is given free and with sincerity. Giveaways can also help attract new customers to your business and excite your exciting customers. Further, by putting your logo on a giveaway you are keeping yourself top of mind with your customers and building the brand of your business.

Why don’t you give away fridge magnets e.g. in the shape of a cake to a customer? Or, giveaway a box of cupcakes for every cake order.


2.   Multi-Buys.

Most customers want to feel as if they are getting value for money, and multi-buys and specials are a great way of doing this. It is also incentivises customers to spend more in your store. For instance, Buy 1 get one free cake deals are always a hit with customers!


3.   Take Advantage of Celebrations

Focused specials and festivals tend to attract more attention and are easier to promote. Select 3 or 4 special days and create specials around that theme .e.g. Public Holidays, School Holidays, Father’s or Mother’s Days. For example, you could – Tie in promotions with local sporting events .e.g. During major football matches.
Tie in promotions with special weeks e.g. during school holidays you could make fun products (e.g. mini cupcakes) that kids would love. 
We celebrate a lot of national and religious days that you can tie in a promotion depending on your clientele e.g. Easter, Id- el Fitr

4.   Run Competitions.

Run competitions on social media platforms Give a birthday cake as a prize and see if the local radio station/newspaper wants to get involved. Put pictures of your cakes on your social media platforms and get customers to vote on them.

5.   Get Creative

Create your own Cake hampers. For instance, you could attractively package products that sell well to sell to your customers. Then package it attractively and sell it to them. The margins can be high and the effort is minimal.


6.   Make use of your Business Cards

Ensure that your business remains top-of mind to customers. Have business cards made promoting what you sell. Have them on you all the time, give them to all people who order products from you and leave stacks of cards at other related businesses e.g. the florist, photographers, party vendors and so on.