How to Register a Domain Name

The address for your Web site is called its domain name, or URL. It’s what visitors type into a web browser to find your Web site.

When you register a domain name, you create an address for yourself on the World Wide Web.  (For example, this Web site has the domain name

It is really affordable to register a domain name and it just costs from N500.

To register a domain name, there are a lot of websites that can do that. I used Web4Africa to register my domain name and i only paid N1,5000.

Registering Domain Names

You can register any domain name that hasn’t already been taken by someone else.  To check to see whether a domain name is already registered, do a simple search at any domain registration website, such as Web4Africa  or Whogohost.

Search to see if the name you want is available:

  1. Use a web browser to visit a domain name registrar, such as Web4Africa  or Whogohost
  2. In the search area on the registrar’s site, type the name you want to register.
  3. Click to begin your search. Most registration services immediately confirm if a name is available and provide a list of recommended alternatives if the name you want is taken. 
  4. If the name you want is not available and you don’t like the alternatives offered, you can try another name.

Once you find a name you like, registration takes only a few minutes.

What do to if the name you want to register is already taken?

There are other variations of a domain name, such as .com .net .ng

The name and domain doesn’t (really) matter.  What does count is having quality content and using keywords.  This is what is good SEO (Search Engine Optimization = getting up Google) and becoming the ‘expert’ or ‘go to person’ in your field or niche. (We will talk more about this in another post).

Registration is easy once you choose a name

You can register any domain name that hasn’t already been taken by someone else.  Once you search a site like Web4Africa  or Whogohost, and find a name you want, just follow the links to complete the registration.

You’ll have to pay the annual registration fee up front, (prices vary, around N500- N4,000). 

Most domain registrars send you a bill ever year and give you the option to renew, and some offer discounts if you purchase multiple years in advance.

Domain Name Tips:

The best domain names are easy to remember, easy to spell, and easy to share verbally.

  • No spaces or punctuation
  • Can use hyphen or underscore (not recommended
  • One word is best
  • No weird spelling or abbreviation

Distinguish yourself to avoid confusion

Check out other websites that have very similar website names.  (You don’t want to find out later that there is a porn site, for example, with a similar name.)

Domain Name Key:

.com = Commercial (and can be registered by anyone)

.ng = Nigeria

.net = Network (but can be registered by anyone)

.org = Organization (designed for nonprofit groups but can be registered by anyone)

.edu = Educational, .gov = government, .mil = military (these are reserved for official organizations and cannot be registered by the general public).

What if someone else has the domain name you want

Choose another name or if you really want it, You can be on a waiting list for a domain name you really want or You can make an offer or negotiate or contact the owner of a domain name to see if they are willing to sell to you.

However, i would not really stress myself if you don’t get the name you want, just pick another name.