How to Sell Cakes

Do you enjoy baking or have you got a flare for cooking up sweet treats? You could make money selling cakes from home. Or are you already in the cake business, but finding it hard to get customers.

This Video is an Essential Guide on how you can start earning some extra cash from your baking talent.

 This epic video Mini course is the ultimate guide on how you can start earning some extra cash from your baking talent.

This is an online training video guide which contains  step by step instructions on how you can sell cakes.

It will put you through the process of starting your cake business and the information you need in order to sell your Cakes with success.

The cake industry has changed dramatically in the last decade. A solid presence on social media is a now a requirement for any cake business to succeed. It is not all social media, however, that will guarantee success. Success in the cake business requires a strong focus on your own work, skills and, of course, hard work. 

This Video is designed to point you in the right direction from the very beginning. 

Some of the topics we will address include:

Building and Establishing Your Brand

There are a number of cake makers who come (and leave!) the cake industry. If you are active on social media, or have done a few Google searches to find competitors, you will have come across more than you anticipated. It is a big industry, it is a crowded industry, but it is still absolutely possible to make your own mark.


How to find clients

This is the first stumbling block and can be daunting from cake makers who have only ever made cakes for family and friends. It is natural to feel judged on your skills and it can be scary to take the plunge. We will discuss simple steps on how to find those customers.
We will also discuss Costing and Marketing;

and much more

Cost is ₦2,500

After paying, please send a mail to or DM me on Facebook to confirm your payment and to get an acknowledgement of receipt.