How your Cake Business can Stand Out From the Crowd and Outsell Your Competitors


In Nigeria, there are literally hundreds of Cake Businesses out there. So what is going to set you apart from the rest?

If you are going to do what everyone else is doing, what is the point?

To set your cake business apart, you need to have a Unique Selling Point (USP).

A  USP is your point of difference and essential in any business!

The USP is what makes your pitch convert into sales, and expands your client base.

It is what sets you apart from others. The USP is what can make you and  your business get well known very quickly … or remain stagnant.


How do you get your own USP?

What does your product (and possibly service) do for  the customer?

The big question customers ask is ‘’What is IN it for me?’’… ‘’If I get this – what will I get?’’. Give your potential customers the Benefits of why they should spend their money ordering from you.

The 4 U’s to a Successful Business:  

  • Unique – tell customers the reason why you are the best in your emails, facebook posts and tweets;
  • Ultra-Specific – show them why they can’t get this product at Shoprite
  • Unbeatable Proof – Bullet points of testimonials and raving results
  • Unable to Resist – Give them an offer they can’t refuse like free delivery or free cupcakes with their order

Your USP is absolutely critical in setting you up in your field. Your details, such as website, color of your logo, social media & technical stuff doesn’t matter, as long as you set yourself apart.

Have you ever felt a little overwhelmed by your competition? Wondered how you are going to outsell them?

Wondered how you are ever going to be first choice for customers? Some of us are fortunate enough to work in very niche areas, but the rest of us have chosen businesses that operate in a crowded market place.  


So, how do you get ahead?

Often we look for a big difference, or something amazing and revolutionary. But the search can be long and fruitless. Finding nothing that customers actually want.

Look outside the box. What can you offer that your competitors cannot.

  • Quick delivery;
  • Guaranteed quality;
  • Free delivery;
  • On time delivery;
  • you Take last minute order;
  • you specialise in a particular types of cakes;
  • free cupcakes with every order;
  • Organic products or non-artificial products


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