The Ultimate Guide to Marketing your Cake Business E-Course

Is this you?

You have no marketing plan. Secretly, you’re not really sure what “marketing” really is, let alone having a marketing plan.

You hate the word “Marketing“. It reminds you of bankers.

You’re feel a bit  guilty that you haven’t done any marketing. You know you have to. You know you should.. You just don’t know what to do, or you are too overwhelming and you don’t want to get it wrong and you have no money to do it. Besides, isn’t marketing  expensive?

 You’re hate talking to people.  Secretly, you wish you could just make cakes all day and let someone else do the selling.

 You don’t have enough orders. You need more. You want more. You know you’re capable of more. But you’re not really sure…where are all the customers hiding?

You have no money for big marketing campaigns. No marketing “budget” and even if you did, you wouldn’t know how much to put in there.

You’re a frustrated small cake business owner, looking at how others in the industry appear to be making so much money and you’re secretly worried that you haven’t got what it takes to make real money from cake.

 You think other bakers are great at marketing, while you’re just here frustrated that Facebook only shows your posts to 1% of your fans, or annoyed that you don’t have any bookings for the next month.


You know what? Marketing doesn’t have to be that way at all.

You can learn what marketing is – and really understand it, without having any background in it.

You can create a marketing plan which is affordable, effective, and easy to do.

You can feel confident and in control of your marketing – so that you’re not wasting time, effort or money on stuff that doesn’t work – or worse, not doing anything at all because you’re overwhelmed.

You can start getting consistent orders – and when you want to expand, you’ll know what to do. And you won’t need a lot of money to do it.

You won’t have time to look at what everyone else is doing – because you will be too busy fulfilling so much orders that you may have to decline some.

This Marketing E-Course is designed to turn you into that woman who can succeed in her marketing – not only can you do it, you’ll actually DO it – because together, we’re going to make it happen.  

This E-Course will take you through the entire process, from deciding where to spend your money and time to the point of checking to make sure that money and time are well spent.

Whatever baked goods you are selling, this Course is going to give you detailed, step-by-step action you can take to get started with marketing…even if you hate talking to people.


This Cake Marketing Course is made up of:

  • A series of videos that are easy to understand and have clearly explained concepts of marketing and how to actually get it done.
  • You can watch the videos as often as you need to, and skip forward or go back to sections as your confidence grows.
  • Downloadable resources to get you off and running including a marketing calendar, social media calendar, list of great tech resources and more.
  • Ongoing support – if you have a question or get stuck, just get in touch at any time. I’m here to help. You can reach me at my personal email address:


Here’s How It Works

After registering, you will be sent a series of emails including a free Video of how to get new customers for your cake Business now, you will also get an email for payment (don’t worry the amount will be very very reasonable). You know you are my person, i won’t make it expensive at all.

After payment you will be given  full and immediate access to the entire  Cake Marketing E-Course – all the videos and PDFs will be available to you for as long as you need them.  If you run into any problems, just send me an email and I’ll help you out.

You can see full details of the Course and all payment details here.

This product is good, I’m telling you but only if you do the work. However, if you still find that this course isn’t working for you, I’ll refund your investment (within 30 days of purchase.)

This course is going to be quite comprehensive but I know that if you do the work, you’ll be able to market your business confidently and as a result, get more sales, more customers and make more money

 Are you ready to finally start making serious money in your cake business, so that you can get more orders


  Its time to fulfill your Cake Business dream

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