Masterclass- How to Brand your business like a pro

Branding your business is a bit of a process, one that’s based on experience and time and the resources you have available to you.

The first cake business cards I ever had were from Printivo and they had a picture of a cupcake on them. They weren’t the best but it what was available at that time.

I also hadn’t really thought much about investing in the business so at that point it was a matter of what was quick and cheap. As time went on and I could afford better things, I got a logo professionally made, a professionally built website , had business cards made, developed company colours and so on.

If you’re fortunate to invest in all of those things from the get-go, I would invest in some branding -but if you can’t, it’s ok.

Instead brand your business on what it stands for more than what it makes.

Is it about fun, girly? It classy in style? Targeted to brides or mothers?

Reflect what the business is and what it does for your clients more than worrying too much about having it all perfect from Day One.

You don’t need to worry too much about having the exactly right logo or exactly right colours at the beginning – at first, you need to just GET IT OUT THERE.

You can evolve your brand as you go and as you can afford better quality branding, but at all times…your business brand needs to reflect what you currently do AND what you aim to be.

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The Branding for Cake Businesses Course Covers:

  • Business Branding
  • How to convey the right branding message for your cake business
  • How to display your brand so attract the right customers
  • How to build a strong cake business brand identity


  • How to brand your cake business workbook


  • Guide on how to brand your cake business

Get this Course for Only N6,000 (regularly N14,000)

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