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The Comprehensive Guide on how To start a Cake Business in Nigeria in 30 days Email Series

Everything you need to know to set up your own Baking Business in 30 days !!!
I will hold your hand to get you started quickly and guide you through registering as self-employed and inform you of any legal requirements, marketing, production, packaging, sales process and accountancy and much much more, specially adapted to the Nigerian market.
I will also help you start small & grow with confidence. No need for business premises, just a clean kitchen, and the ambition to succeed.


How To get new Customers for your Cake Business

In this Video Course you will learn how I was able to get new customers for my cake business and I want to show you how you can do the same.
In this free Video you will learn:
  • Strategies you can put in place to get new Customers for your cake business;
  • Ways for your customers to recommend your cakes
  • How to get repeat orders;
  • The No.1 mistake you are making in your cake business

                                           Let’s make your cake dream a reality  

Grab any of these free courses where I will pull back the curtain on how to start a cake business in Nigeria, with step-by-step instructions from the legal set of establishing a cake company, how to make money in your cake business and creating your own cake website, getting new customers, so you can get started and start making money doing what you love.


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