Pricing your Cakes Right to Build A Money Making Cake Business MasterClass Modules


Introduction-Your Mindset: Gaining the confidence to price right








Lessons Included:

  • Beliefs that may prevent you from getting more money from your customers
  • How much money you can make in your business
  • Identifying your strengths
  • Identifying how people buy
  • How to describe your products to entice customers to buy
  • Why you are struggling with selling
  • Why custom cakes costs so much
  • How to gain confidence in pricing and selling




Module 1 – How to Market right to get customers








Lessons Included

  • What needs to be in place for start-ups
  • Creating your ideal customer profile
  • Identifying your vision
  • Identifying your ideal customers
  • Identifying your Target Market
  • Marketing – How to find your customers;

                         –    How to get them to find you

  • Learn how to market your business and deal with clients
  • How to establish your sales funnel
  • Identifying what type of salesperson you are




Module 2 How to price cakes easily without stress







Lessons Included

  • Information you should have at hand to price effectively
  • A beginners guide to pricing your cakes
  • Knowing and understanding your numbers
  • What is a good profit margin and how to calculate profit
  • Giving Discounts for cakes
  • How to deal with customers who want cheap cakes
  • How to price Wedding Cakes
  • When and How to raise your cake prices



Module 3Customer Relations: the way forward on how to deal with customers so they accept your prices always






Lessons Included

  • Customer relations- dealing with customers who want cheap cakes
  • How to price for family and friends
  • How to answer customers who complain about your price
  • Detailed step by step process towards satisfying your customers
  • How to price so you do not lose clients
  • steps on dealing with customers who complain about your prices
  • Other ways to make money in cakes




Module 4– Pricing Systems to put in place to grow your business







Lessons Included

  • Business Plan
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Cake Contract
  • Order Form
  • Action Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Pricing Guide
  • Pricing Chart






In this Guide, we are going to learn the following Lessons:






  • How to research to know what cakes to sell;
  • How to identify your ideal customer ( accompanying workbook attached);
  • Creating your business plan for your cake business (accompanying Guide attached;
  • Costing your cakes;
  • How to market your cake business;
  • and much more
  • It also includes a How to Find Your ideal Customers PDF Workbook




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This is a book of 200 powerful social media marketing tips to propel your cake business.  All you do is Simply take a tip, implement it and experience better results.





* 200 tips on social media marketing so you can take full advantage of these free, high          traffic sites.
* Tips on choosing which social media site to use
* Tips on getting started with a social media site
* Tips on keeping subscribers glued to your page/account
* Tips on using multimedia content
* Tips on using language
* Tips on using YouTube effectively
* Tips on how to expand the reach of your social media account
* Tips on outsourcing work and task
* Tips on dealing with trolling, defamation, and other derogatory comments from users
* Tips on using Facebook
* Tips on using Twitter
* Tips on involvements you should avoid
* Tips on measuring and improving the effectiveness of your social media account
* Tips on coming up with a good content
* Tips on writing your comments and posts effectively
* Tips on unique ways to deliver your message
* Tips on improving customer relationships
* Tips on dealing with competition
* Tips on financing your social media account
* Tips on making your social media account user friendly + much, much more!




In this Guide I’ve put together a list of free online resources to help  grow your cake business and make doing business easier.

The Guide covers tools for writing cake contracts, creating invoices, pricing tools and so much more.





Early Bird Bonus



The Step-by-Step Workbook Covers (20-pages):

Step 1: Assess your Value

Step 2: Common Pricing Mistakes and What to Do About Them

Step 3: Dealing with Difficult Clients

Step 4: Assessing your True Worth

Step 5: Knowing when it’s Time to raise your Prices

Step 6: Asking for the Raise

Step 7: When it’s Time to Change your Business Model