Dear Mrs. Onwuha,

Congratulations on your daughters recent engagement.

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time, but I am here to help. I have planned hundreds of and I know all the best venues, caterers, and more and I am here to help you

Additionally, Bose Cakes & Bakes has numerous resources in finding the best deals and supplies for your daughter’s wedding. With my help, she will be able to have the wedding of her dreams, while staying within your budget without feeling stressed.

Once you have accepted my proposal, we will have a meeting with all parties involved to discuss ideas about the wedding. We will go over themes, venues, dates, size, and other important aspects. Once I know the vision for the day, I will begin coordinating and securing the places and services necessary for the success of the event.

We will have weekly meetings, either in person or over the phone, so that you will remain informed on all aspects of the event.

You can also contact me 24/7 by phone if you need any questions answered.

Services to be Provided

  1. Selection and securing of the venue and catering company. We will discuss options together and visit a few places. Once you have decided upon the exact venue and catering options you want, I will handle securing the date and finalizing all details.
  2. Cake Services. I will provide sample flavours of different cakes for your selection We will go through design and size elements so you can have the cake of your dreams.
  3. Invitations and Guest List. A guest list should be provided as soon as possible, along with addresses. Once you have finalized your guest list, I will take care of the invitations.
  4. Photography, Entertainment, Aso-ebi and suits, etc: I will handle securing and overseeing all outfits required for the wedding and engagment, including photographer, entertainment, decoration, and more. I will also offer assistance for finding an awesome wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses.
  5. I will also help in the selection of centerpieces, souvenirs, flowers, lighting and also table and chairs.

Cost of Services

My fee is 30% of the entire cost of your event.

I look forward to working with you on creating your dream wedding.

Thank you,

Bose Cakes & Bakes