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5 Christmas Promotional Ideas to Get Customers to buy from you

Christmas is one of the most popular Holidays of the year and it can be a profitable holiday for most cake business owners. I mean Christmas is all about giving and one of the most popular gifts to give people is a cake. It could be a fruit cake or iced cookies or cupcakes.

However, we all know that the cake industry has fierce competition, so for you to succeed it requires creative marketing and sales promotions to get customers to order from you.

So that is why I want you from now to focus on effective promotional strategies to increase the number of your Christmas orders.

If you cannot think of any, here are some Christmas promotional ideas to entice customers to buy from you.


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  1. Have a 12 days of Christmas Deal

Use this classic Christmas concept to develop a marketing campaign for your business in the course of 12 days in December. What do I mean?

Offer your customers, email subscribers, social media followers a different special deal for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. 

This series will have your potential customers coming back each day to see what you have on offer.

If your customer knows you have a new surprise for them every day , they are much more likely to read your emails or texts. 

You can create any kind of deal. For example:

Day 1- Get 6 cupcakes for just N500

Day 2- Order a cake from us today and you don’t have to pay for delivery

Day 3- Get 20% off for this delicious Fruit cake

And so on

So for 12 days only, you are offering special deals daily.

This will create excitement and urgency amongst all of your customers or visitors to your website or social media page.

With each daily post, support your deal with an interesting story and a very colourful nice picture.

You can go to to get nice pictures.


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  1. Create Christmas Gift bundles

This is a season of hampers. So why can’t you take advantage of that. Offer your customers, followers a cake hamper. This is not very common so why don’t you start a trend.

Instead of the usual hampers which we see around, create a hamper of your sweet treats. You can include mini cakes, muffins, pastries, gingerbread men, cookies and cupcakes in a nicely decorated hamper.

Just go to Google or Pinterest to get ideas.

Post a nice picture. Do a write up of about 3-4 selection of different products inside and promote, promote, promote.


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  1. Have a fun prize giveaway

In this day and age you need to be on social media. That is the fastest way to get new customers. Christmas is a fun time. Parties are happening every day, people are thinking of gifts, people are more willing to spend money during this period. However, people don’t like it if all you shout about is buy buy buy.

You can build more connection and interaction with your customers by giving back. Christmas is all about giving, so do something nice for your customers this period.

One fun thing you can do is to prize giveaway

On your social media accounts post a new photo every day until say Christmas eve offering customers or your followers the chance to win a new prize daily.

You can say they should post a picture of what Christmas means to them.   So your followers will have to post a picture of their own and tag it using a hashtag (you can create your own company hashtag, e.g. #bosecakesand bakes) for the chance to win the prize of the day.

The genius of this is that the more people posting pictures on your pages using your company’s hashtags, the more likely your posts will be trending and more people will see them.

This translates to more engagement and followers on your pages.


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  1. Have a Christmas party

To get more people to know and follow you on social media is by posting videos.

But why don’t you go a step further and have a party live on Facebook or Instagram.

Send an invite to all your friends, members, followers on all your social media handles telling them they are specially invited to a Christmas party of your Company. They do not have to leave their house. All they need to have is their phone.

Of course this will generate interest and curiosity. What sort of party can you have without you having to be there?

Once you have sent an invite and have chosen the date for your ‘party’.

Start to think of things you can do to talk about when you go live. You can talk about how to throw a xmas party or how to set a xmas table or how to bake a xmas cake. Make your surroundings as fun as you can be. You can hang some balloons, blow some party poppers, have some champagne glasses.

It is a party after all.


Christmas Table, Christmas Dinner


  1. Present them with an offer that they cannot refuse

If something is scarce, you tend to want it more right? It’s how our brain works. So why don’t you use scarcity as a marketing strategy this Christmas season.

You can say you are releasing this limited edition Gift vouchers which entitles someone to having a free cake on their birthday. And it is only eligible to those customers that make or book an order from now.

This is a great strategy as it will entice people to order from you knowing that they will get a free cake delivered to them for free on their birthday.

But be warned do not run this sort of offer for a long time. You do not want to be stuck with someone that just buys N2,000 worth of stuff and then you are obligated to give that person a cake. You can run this offer depending on you between 2- 5 days.


So those are five things you can start doing this Christmas season.

The thing about these ideas is to continually keep your customers engaged everyday this season. Let them look forward to reading your posts. Make them as funny or interesting as possible. Once a customer knows,  likes and trusts you, you have a customer for life.

Good luck and have a very Merry and Money Making Christmas season.


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How to boost your cake sales over the coming Christmas period


Christmas is just a few weeks away and like it or not your customers are already thinking and making plans for it.

So you have to be ahead of the game and start promoting your cakes early enough so as to secure those sales and orders before someone else does.

How can you do this? Let me show you how.

These 3 tips will definitely help you increase your sales in time for Christmas and let you have a less stressful season.

xmas4Encourage future purchases

Yes, you may think that discounting your products, or offers of big money off or vouchers for discounts may be good, but this not a great idea during this time of the year. I will tell you why.

Never discount your products too much; you are approaching one of the potentially busiest times of the year and you do not want to be working more for less money at the end of it.

Instead of discounting your cakes, look at how you can encourage future purchases from your customers; for example, you could market your cakes or cupcakes by offering           ‘N2,000 Off for every box of cupcakes purchased in November’.

This won’t give them an immediate discount so you’re still getting paid well but the discount voucher will entice them to come back and buy from you again.

However, don’t forget to add terms and conditions to the voucher to stipulate they must spend over a certain amount before they can claim this discount and that they can only use one voucher per order, otherwise you will find yourself working yourself to the bone, for little money or even free in the near future.

xmas3Solve a problem

 This is vital; your product should solve a problem. This is a sure way to entice your customers to buy from you.

You may be asking what problem does a cake solve.

 For example, when advertising your cake or cupcakes you can add a text to the photo and the text will read- ‘the perfect gift to the woman who has everything’, or ‘get on Santa’s good list by buying the gift everyone wants this year’.

Both of those lines will appeal to a male audience as they often find it difficult to shop for a woman and you highlighting what a good product you have will help them make that move to buy from you.

 For your female audience, your strategy will be different because we respond to other influences.

 Let say you want to give a gift to your children’s teacher and you are thinking of a good gift for her. If you make floral cakes or cupcakes and you display them in a pretty display case, you should highlight that your products are good because it comes packaged with a centrepiece.

Your marketing text can say. ‘Wow your guests with a table centrepiece they can tuck into for dessert’ or ‘the perfect gift to say thank you to your children’s teacher this Xmas season’.

 Simply saying, ‘teachers gifts, 6 cupcakes for N4, 000’ does nothing and is often overlooked by your potential customers.

xmas5Plan your Orders

Now this one isn’t going to be obvious to most people but at this time of the year it’s often easy to forget to give yourself some downtime.

 Planning of your time for the Christmas season will be key to maximising your time.

If you are still in full time employment or you have small children and other commitments, you will have times you cannot work on all your Christmas orders.

 Once you have the time, you should block out some time to get organised. Plan your cakes that you will be offering and then look at your timings for each order you’ll need to allow time to make them as well as to deliver them. This will help you not overbook yourself.

There’s nothing worse than being totally rushed off your feet trying to earn money for Christmas  and then falling ill when Christmas day finally comes.

So I hope you found these tips useful and will help you plan the perfect marketing campaign that will keep customers coming back for more but not at the expense of your earnings or time.

Till next week.
Happy Caking.
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