7 Things You Need To Do To Make Potential Customers Book Your Cakes

How many times has this happened to you?

…..the customer requests a quote and then they disappear.

…. You spend a long time with the customer talking about the cakes you do and when you sent the invoice, you no longer hear from them.
….the customer had a great time at the cake tasting but didn’t book with you.
….the customer is indecisive, so they need to think about it or ask their partner.

All these things are just so disappointing and frustrating.

How are you to grow your cake business when customers are not booking cakes with you, much less about making any money?

You have tried various tactics-

-You try to learn a new sales method to get them to book with you;
-You try to copy another baker. 
You are just overwhelmed because you have tried everything and it’s like nothing is changing. 

There can be various reasons why customers are not booking with you, it could be that  they can sense your desperation, or your selling skills is not that good, or it could be your location, prices, your branding, it could be a lot of things.

So to help you, here are 7 things you need to do to start making potential customers book with you.


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Tip 1: Be sure to talk to at least 2-5 people every day about your cake business 

Talk to people. Tell them what you do.

You cannot just sit with your phone every day hoping that customers will magically appear.

Too many bakers rely on the Hoping and Praying Method for getting customers and really it doesn’t work. 

Spending time looking at recipes or just posting occasionally on Facebook will not make you the type of money you need to sustain your business. You must get out of the house.

If you are determined and make a commitment to talk to 2-5 different people about the type of cakes you make, and what you can do for them, you’ll be surprised at the change this can make in your business. Don’t forget to give them your business cards or flier.



Tip 2: Know where your target market is and go and meet them

Same thing with the above. Yes you should talk with people everyday. But you can go one step further and talk to your right people. If you are selling wedding cakes and you mostly talk to mothers, you won’t be getting many orders for wedding cakes.

You need to do your research, find out where your ideal customers hang out and go and market there.

If your ideal customers are mothers, you need to go to schools, churches, bible study groups, PTA groups and so on.

Tip 3: Be present on  social media Groups

Be very visible on various social media groups especially on Facebook and Instagram. But don’t just join those groups and be silent. Make yourself noticeable by providing value, support and help.

This is a long term marketing strategy so don’t expect to get customers right away.

Remember people have to see you more than 7 times before they will even think of ordering from you. That’s why you need to be very present in these groups.

So join these groups add great, valuable, content, answer questions, engage in conversations. This will help you build your know, like and trust factor.



Tip 4: Follow up.

You need to follow up. You can be leaving money on the table if you do not follow up.

If an inquiry fails to get back to you, call them up and ask them if they wish to go ahead with the order. If after sending your quote, you do not hear from them, call them and give them other price options to meet their budget.

So if you want more money, make sure you follow up and you will see an improvement to your sales.


Tip 5: Stand out from the crowd

The baking industry has a lot of competition and all bakers are going after the same customers. So you need to do something to make them come from you.

One idea is to offer them something free to pull them to you. Tell them that if they order a cake from you, they will get a free box of cupcakes. Just make sure you’re giving something away of value. Something that you can charge for.




Tip 6: Be a solution provider

You’re in business so you can offer solutions to customer’s problems. Think about what solutions you can offer to solve your customer’s problems.

As a baker, you make cakes to mark memorable occasions. What if you come across a customer who need a cake urgently for that day, can you solve that problem? Or if a customer also needs help decorating the cake table, can you do that?

Just think of common issues that may crop up when someone needs a cake and market what solutions you can offer them.

Tip 7: Ask for referrals

Your happy and satisfied customers are happy to recommend your business.  Reach out to your customers and ask them if they know anyone that has a birthday coming up and if they make an order, then that customer will get something for free sent to them.


Will love to hear from you. Can you think of any any additional ways to make potential customers book from you or have you tried some of these tips. How did it work for you? Comment below please.


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