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How To Stop Attracting Customers Who Just Want Cheap Cakes

As a cake business owner, you have probably been in a situation where you felt only customers who want cheap cakes call you or you mostly attract customers who are not willing to pay the right amount for your cakes or do not appreciate the quality of work you put into a cake. For most business owners, this is not strange at all.

Most people do not know the skill, effort and resources that go into making a cake so they undervalue your work or they want to pay as little as possible.

Most times we cave into their bullying and demands and end up under pricing ourselves, making no money and then feeling bad afterwards.

These types of clients are ‘low quality’ customers, and they are everywhere so there is little you can do to change that.

Instead of trying to convince these types of customers to pay the correct price for your cakes, your business should focus on attracting ‘high end’ customers or those customers who can afford your cakes.

And here are some 5 ways to attract them:

  1. Create a Customer Profile

To attract high-end clients, you must first know who they are, what they like, what types of cakes they like, and what products or services they need, where they are, where they go to, what attracts them and so on. Then find ways to

Finally, look at customer circumstances to create an idea of how potential customers develop an interest in your product or service. Then just go and market to them.

Doing so will give you a roadmap of what your marketing strategy will be like.

For instance, you may need to find a contact in a school in a high brow area to see whether you can sponsor an event by bringing in your cakes or provide cakes for free at their next PTA meeting. When you are in, make connections, talk to them about your business and give out your business cards.

Once you get past the “unknown and untasted” hurdle, you should have a much easier time selling to them.


2. Let Price Reflect the Quality of your cakes

If a business wants to appear thoroughly competitive and professional, the price it charges should always reflect quality like no other.

When a price is too cheap, it means the product is of low quality and so people will not expect to pay much for it.

If the business is using high quality ingredients, your website is up to par, your service is impeccable; in the mind of the wealthy, there’s no reason for your cakes to be cheap.

If your prices are higher than the rest. Then there is a reason for that. Let them see it in the services you render and also tell them why.

3. Pay attention to packaging

Good quality packaging is a great way to make your products stand out from the crowd. Not only will unique packaging make your products memorable, but packaging has been found to be one of the most important aspects when it comes to a customer’s decision to buy a product especially the high end ones.

Having beautiful packaging sets it apart from mass-produced generic offerings.

Great packaging should be part of your cake business branding and deserves plenty of attention. Presenting your products in gorgeous packaging reinforces the idea that when it comes to your bakery products that you are classy, top notch and worth the extra naira spent.


4. Offer Great and consistent Customer Service

Be ready to attend to their needs, be classy, eloquent in your phone conversations and consistently ready to help because high end clients are used to impeccable service. Also they do not like to wait.

If you are unable to give them a price at once, tell them you will give them a quote in 10 mins, and keep to that time. Send out your invoices on time. If you tell them you are to deliver at a certain time, make damn sure you arrive at that time or even before.

Also after care is important, send a thank you email asking them how their event went and if the cake was satisfactory. If it was a very big order, a few days later you can send them a thank you card with a box of cupcakes. It is all about keeping you in their mind.

5. Be willing to spend more to attract quality clients

Like attracts like. If you want to attract high income people, then your business has to appeal to them. Wear custom attire with your branded logo on it. Again pay attention to what you are posting online, upgrade your website. Get real email addresses that contain your domain name. Always be looking to be featured in the media.

You are an expert at what you are doing, so be seen as such. Do live shows on your social media platforms. Look at collaborating with companies where your target customers patronise. Advertise where you will reach quality clients.  You may need to invest time and money in branding, marketing, materials, events, technology, and lastly your personal image.

If you want to play with the big boys, you must be willing to do the work. There is no magic wand you can wave to get the customers you want, but as long as you follow these tips and make plans in your marketing strategy you should start getting the right customers.

It’s far easier to grow a successful business by targeting the higher end of the market rather than dealing with difficult consumers who argue about your price. Just make sure you are positioned for success by creating a new marketing strategy that will target and appeal to the upper end of the market.

In the end it will be worth it!   

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