Strategies To Get Customers For Your Cake Business

Every Cake Business Owner want one thing and that is more customers.

Are you frustrated because only a small number of people know about your business, even though you make good cakes?

Look! You can have the best cakes on the market, but if nobody knows about it – your business will fail!

Like it or not you need customers for your business for it to grow and to make money.

After all,

No Customers = No Business and No Income


If you want to be successful in your business you need to Market your cakes.

Whether you have just stated, you have a cake shop, or you bake from home, you need to have strategies in place to make your business more known.

So lets go through some of these strategies.


Strategy #1: Start Building A Contact List

Every business needs a way to stay in touch with potential customers and its own customers. And building a contact list is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to do that!

Every one of your customers has an email address and a phone number so I recommend you start collecting these details. You can even collect additional information such as their birthdays.

Once you get their email address, you can set up your email or sms management system to send promotional emails or texts to your customer’s to tell them about your cakes or any other deals that you want to offer or if its their birthday you can tell them they are eligible to a box of cupcakes or a 20% discount for their next order.

Once you are in constant touch with your customers, you are more than likely to be on  their mind when they need a cake, so start collecting this information from your customers.



Strategy #2: Be On Social Media

No matter what, first things first, you should have a  Facebook page for your company as this is the ideal place to market your business, and show off your gallery of cakes, create great posts and give information about your cakes and any promos you may be having.

Other social media platforms you should be on are Twitter, Instagram and maybe even Pinterest.



Strategy #3: Collaborate

Find Partners and collaborate with them. Make a list of strategic partners in your area and try and set appointments with them.  For instance you can approach children’s party venues and ask if they have any opportunities or present them with a deal that will work for both of you.


Or you could make a list of all the local businesses in your area, make an appointment, and give them some samples, and then let them know you’d be happy to cater their next celebration or office party.



Strategy #4: Use Testimonials

Have some satisfied customers? Let them tell you. Encourage your customers to send you some reviews and feedback. After a delivery, just send a message asking them how they liked the cake. Then post their testimonials on your social media platforms or website.

When people see these positive reviews, it will instill more trust in your cakes so in essence it will drive more sales.


Strategy #5: Have A Launch Party 

Another way to encourage more business is to have like an open house event for your cake business.

Invite your friends and encourage them to invite their friends. Also invite people from your neighborhood, work and so on.Distribute fliers and provide free samples of your cakes for them to try. Also display some of your cakes on a nicely decorated cake table.

Talk to everyone and tell them about your cake business and try to persuade them to make an order.



Strategy #6: Always Have Your Business Cards And Fliers Handy

Always go everywhere with your business cards. Get some business cards printed with your company name, logo, telephone number and email address and hand them out to potential customers.

Also do not be shy, when next you go to your local supermarket or hairdressers, ask if you can leave a few of your flyers or business cards. 


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About Me:

Hello, my name is Rotimicakelady and I am a cake business coach that teaches cake business owners how to grow and have a profitable cake business so that they have a constant stream of customers buying their delicious treats.

I have been running my own successful home based cake business for some years now. I have also been teaching bakers through my online courses who are struggling with low sales, with strategies on how to market, and price their cakes for profit.

In addition I am also run a Facebook Group where I coach, offer support and help bakers in their businesses.

I have helped over 50 bakers through my online course A comprehensive guide to starting your cake business in 30 days’ with much needed information on how to start a cake business in Nigeria. I also teach close to 4000 cake enthusiasts through my Facebook Group how to run a money making cake business.

I have been featured in ‘Naija Top Baker’ magazine, one of Nigeria’s foremost cake magazines and also been a Guest Speaker at the Bakery World Convention.

If you are struggling with getting customers for their cakes, I can help you solve this problem by showing you how to market, sell, price, plan, structure and brand your business so you are constantly selling to the right people who want your cakes.




Tips On Getting Started With A Social Media Site For Your Cake Business

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter are great for cake businesses.Today, social media sites are no longer just an ingenious way for people to meet, connect and share. It is now also one of the most powerful advertising tools which where cake business owners can use to connect to their customers. 

However, it is noteworthy that social media marketing is like a double-edged sword – it is something that needs to be wielded correctly. In the hands of a skilled marketer, it is an effective sales tool. But in the hands of an amateur, it can turn success into demise.

Here are tips to keep in mind when you are using social media for marketing for your cake business.

  1. Make a draft plan of the contents first

Getting started without a plan can lead to a messy start. This will not be good for your company image. So before you make your social media account available, make sure that you planned for its contents and design first.

  1. Come up with an editorial calendar

You may have plenty of things you want to share and say. But if you post all of them at the same, people will get confused. Also, you will quickly run out of things to share in the future. So make a timeline and plan which things you want to post first and which ones should follow in a chronological order.


  1. Know your target market niche

There are plenty of people that join social media sites. However, you do not really want to reach to all of them. You need to focus on a group of people which are ‘potential customers’. Know who they are. If you do wedding cakes, then you should join and post on wedding sites.

  1. Check for a possibly existing account with a similar name

You do not want people to confuse you for another organization, group, or individual. You do not know how these other accounts are behaving and anything they do might have implications on your company’s image. If you found out that there are already existing accounts with a similar name or a mockingly similar name, you can go to to help you come up with an alternative.



  1. Know how to lure in the people in your target market niche

Do you already have a clear vision of who your target market niche is, that is your potential customer? The next thing you need to figure out is how you can lure them in. You need to make a research on the things that interest them. For example, if your products are birthday cakes, then your target market niche are mothers, then perhaps some content with pictures of different Disney character cakes will lure them in.

  1. Use high quality graphics and Photoshop edited photos

People are attracted to visually appealing cakes. Sometimes, it is not the content but the appearance. What really draws potential customers to your social media profile is the look of it. You should make sure your Facebook business page looks more attractive by using high quality pictures, photographs, and images of your cakes.

  1. Make sure that you have the resources to regularly maintain a social media account

Yes, it is free to sign up to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. You should have the time to post regularly. It will serve you no good if you don’t post consistently. And if you need to advertise, you will probably need to pay these social media sites. Make sure that you have a budget for it.



  1. Check to see if having a social media account will really be of help to your company or if it will just be a liability

There are a lot benefits in having a social media account for your company. But there are also dangers. You need to analyze if you can take these risks head on.



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She runs the Cake Business Owners Club where she helps bakers through Online courses have super profitable and successful cake businesses.

She has a passion for helping women who have a passion for baking, transition from hobby cake makers to successful and profitable cake business owners.

She also help cake business owners who have struggling in their cake business with strategies to enable them get more customers, so you make more money. Rotimicakelady is passionate about Cakes, business and making money.