How To Get People To Buy Your Cakes

In order for your cake business to thrive, you need to find the right customers for your business.

Selling to the appropriate customers may be obvious, but many cake business owners struggle to find the right way to convert potentials or people who enquire about your cakes to customers.

Identifying customer buying habits is an essential part of marketing and growing your business. So, how do you figure out why customers buy your cakes?

This blogpost aims to explain customer buying habits to help you figure out why people buy cakes and how you can get them to buy your delicious treats.



By examining the buying habits of your customers, you’ll be better able to build a marketing plan that taps into the buying habits of your target customer which would eventually drive more sales.

So how do you do this?

You have to know how to make them buy from you


The psychology in this are called marketing triggers and i will tell you the emotional marketing triggers that determine why people buy cakes.

Emotional Marketing Triggers that Determine Why We Buy Cakes

When you understand the marketing triggers that make people buy then you can sell more. And you can find more eager customers.

Our emotions trigger us to buy

Don’t make the mistake thinking that people buy what they need. People buy what they want.  We are driven by their emotions.

If you understand the emotional reasons why your customers buy cakes then you can begin to trigger these emotions when you are talking to your customers or when you are marketing your cakes.


1. Love 

What do your customers love? It might include their family, children, business, career, culture, hobbies, books, personal time etc. Do they buy from you for one of these loves? If so how can you recognize and encourage others with the same love? 

Love is a powerful emotion. We do strange things when in love and in the name of love. People will shower their loved ones with beautiful and expensive gifts.  So you can use love to sell your cakes, like during vals day or birthday cakes for loved ones.


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2. To show off

Yes we all should be humble, but sometimes people wanting to show off can be good for your business. Some people like to throw elaborate parties and the reason they do this is to show people their wealth, their home, etc. So you can tap into that if you do over the top , extraordinary and elaborate cakes that no one else does. So your cakes can cater to these sort of people.

3. Guilt

Often it might be hard to know the real reason someone buys something for someone or gives a gift. Was it love or guilt? “Is guilt the real reason behind spending a lot of money on Christmas, Valentines and Mothers’ Day?” 

Can the guilt of not buying motivate your potential customer into buying your cakes? Can you use guilt to sell your cakes? Like saying in your marketing campaign something like ‘when was the last time you bought your precious wife or mum a gift, someone who has loved you and nurtured you,  then buy your mother a mother’s day cake or this lovely cake’.

There are also other  emotional triggers like Fear, greed and pride, but i don’t think they relate to selling cakes much

So I hope i have given you some ideas in your marketing campaigns.

Marketing is only effective if it reaches the right people.

Identifying the things that influence buying decisions enables you to leverage these factors to reach more customers.  Once you understand all these, you will be more successful when you market and sell to potential customers.


I will love to hear from you. How do you think you can use these emotional triggers to help you in your cake business?

Please share this post to your fellow bakers. I am sure they will get tremendous benefit from this information.



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