The difference between web hosting and domain registration

Basically the web hosting is your empty house, a place that your web site can live.  The domain is the address/phone number for people to find you.  Then we use a program ( or Wix) to pimp out your house and ‘furnish’ with a Picture Gallery page, and Shopping Cart. I show you how to set up WordPress website with your own hosting in 5 easy steps over here.

The domain name, like your phone number can be transferred (or re-directed) to a new apartment any time.

If you are thinking about building a new website or updating your old one and want to change the domain name:

  1. If you currently have a website address and going to get a Word Press site, then all your traffic can be re-directed to your new site (and new address.)
  2. If you have a address and you want to change to address, then all your traffic can be re-directed to your new site (and new address.)
  3. If you have been thinking about changing your business name from to (or whatever business name change you are thinking about, all of your traffic can be re-directed.
  4. The moral of the story – any website address or domain can be redirected.

 Web hosting varies the way apartments do.  When you sign up with a hosting company you can choose to get a cheap apartment (with their low-end service), or you can opt for a higher end service, one you might need to furnish yourself a little more.

Most web hosting services let you upload your own web site to their web server or install a WordPress, much like you would furnish your own apartment and hang art on the walls.

If you transfer your site to a new server, then you have to essentially transfer your domain name, or URL, from your domain registrar to your web host.  It’s kind of like keeping the same phone number when you move to a new apartment.