Ways for your customers to recommend your cakes and get repeat custom


As Cakers, we all want customers especially customers that keep coming back and refer us to their friends. Well, you can have that.

Here is my short list of 10 ways to get your cake customers to recommend you to their friends and get repeat custom. Thank me later:

  • Provide amazing cake pictures and cake related content for your customers on your social media platforms;
  • Deliver amazing customer service all the time, every time;
  • Provide the very best cakes you are capable of producing;
  • Be unique, individual and original;
  • Be human and take a genuine interest in your customers and hear what they have to say;


  • Go the extra mile – if you have an opportunity to add more value for your customers, then do it!
  • Say what you will do, then do what you say;
  • Over commit AND over deliver;
  • Be grateful, thankful and appreciative of your customers;
  • Love what you do. This is infectious. Your customers will be able to tell and will love your business more.

So get to it.

Happy Caking!