What is Stopping you?


This week I am attending the Social Media Week.
In case you don’t know what the Social Media Week is. It is  a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society and culture around the world.
This is my second time i have attended this program. 
This time last year, I was a complete newbie in the social media world, especially in the cake industry. 
I was still working 9-5 as a lawyer, and i was completely miserable. When i attended i was surrounded by solo entrepreneurs who were making success in their online businesses.  They were confident, networking, introducing themselves, giving presentations and all were making money with just their laptops.
I on the other hand was struggling. I  spent long hours in the office, going to and fro from work, was stressful because of traffic and i hardly saw my kids. 
What was keeping me was that i was addicted to my salary. It was not like if my salary was the best, but i couldn’t fantom the notion that if i left my job where would i get money each month.
And that is the fear that kept me in a job for so many years,
I had always baked and I love baking. I was selling cakes part time, but i knew i wanted to do something more. I wanted to teach bakers how to have successful cake business.
There are many women out there suffering. Some are in abusive households, but they cannot leave because they have no income. Some are housewives becoming a burden because they are contributing nothing to the household. Some are totally dependent on their husbands, parents or relatives for money.  
I don’t know about you, but I will hate to be dependent on another person for money. That gives them the room to be treating you anyhow. 
Won’t you rather be self sufficient and financially independent.
I have 2 young girls, and i’m teaching them the value of money. Whatever you get, just don’t spend it right away. Save and invest. I have started taking my 5 year old to the bank with me to deposit money and when she gets money she tells me she wants to take it to the bank, instead of spending it on ice cream or toys.
I want to build a legacy for my children and that is what i wam doing. So that i why i am urging women to start their own business.
even if baking is not for you. try and find something you are good at and sell it.
A year on i am a totally different person. I have created my Baking Business School which was only an idea a year ago.I have a Facebook group with over 2000 members. I push out valuable content everyday day to help bakers in their cake businesses. I sell online courses and i’m live on Facebook giving out cake business tips.
At social media week, people know my name even though they have not met me. They just knew me from Facebook as Rotimicakelady. People were asking me questions. I was not afraid to ask questions, introduce myself, exchange business cards and tell people about my business.
I have given myself a goal that next year i will be invited as a panelist at Social media Week in 2018. I don’t know how that is going to happened. But i have pushed it out there so it is up to the universe to make it happen.
So my dear what is stopping you from taking that leap. 
I am not trying to sell you anything here in this post, i’m just sharing my story, so you can have an idea where I came from to where i am now.
By all means I have not reached where i want to be, but each day i want to do something each day to make progress in my life.
So if you dislike your job, make a plan when you will resign and work towards that and start your business. But in the meantime start part time. If you are doing nothing at home, sell something. It doesn’t have to be something tangible, if you are good at cooking, teach that, if you are good at raising children, why don’t you teach parents how.
Believe me these days you can sell anything. A friend of mine told me that abroad someone is selling a course of how to teach a cat to go to the toilet. Imagine.
So my dear you have no excuse. The world is your oyster. God made you for a purpose. Go out there and shine.
I would love to hear your comments about ways you think you can make money.
Have a lovely week.