What To Do When You Need Money Quickly from your Cake Business

Yes you are in business. You know it may take time before the money rolls in. You are busy building a brand, creating your website, introducing yourself in groups, developing recipes. Trying to market and network.

But there are sometimes that you just need money, like for instance for school fees, to grab a great opportunity or to pay rent. You just need this money now, but your cake business is not giving you the constant stream of income you need right now.

So that is why I have come up with some tips you can use and do right now to get some money quickly so you can take care of some expenses while you continue to work on your business.

I must warn you though; these tips will require you to get out there. You will need to talk to people. You cannot just be sitting in  your house hoping customers will fall from the sky. However, these tips are easy to implement and don’t require you to spend so much money. 

Here’s what you can do to get money from doing what you do best- Baking:

  1. Create a Promo and send it to everyone on your email list

If you want more cake orders. Then you have to tell people and a good way to start is with your family and friends.

Create a special promo like maybe a discount on one of your popular cakes or a special deal on a dozen cupcakes and send it to everyone on your email. One thing you should remember when doing this type of promo is that you should always put a deadline(maybe 48 hours to 5 days), so they will know that this promo will not last forever and it will force them to do something.

Here is a snapshot of a promo I did some time back which I sent to people on my email list. And through this promo I was able to get about 6 orders, which gave me some much needed cash at that time. And even if you don’t get any response, at least you would have reminded people about you so you will be in their mind when they need a cake for next time:


The good thing about this type of method is that the people on your contact list already know you and have built some sort of relationship with you.

If you do this type of promo using Facebook Ads, most people coming across your Ad may not act, because they do not know you as you have not yet built a brand, so you may not get much sales. 

You can also do this sort of promo by text and send it to everyone in your phone contacts.



  1. Conduct Baking Classes

This may not be so obvious to you, but this is one way to make some quick cash. However, you need to lay some groundwork and do some planning.

Make a list of schools around your area, then prepare a short proposal you can present to them where you will offer weekly baking classes for their students over say a period of 6 weeks or for a term. Also in the proposal, detail what you are going to teach, the price per student and what ages these classes are for.

So with your proposal in hand start going round to schools and present your offer.

Teaching classes are a great way for you to get our name out there and also make money. So imagine you charge N3,500 per child for a term and you have a total of 50 students who enrol. You give the school N1,500 as their commission, so that leaves a N2,000  for you, thereby giving you a total income of N100,000. Let’s say you spend N40,000 on ingredients and equipment like bowls, aprons and baking tins. So that leaves you with N60,000 cash.

To me that’s not bad at all. The price you charge will depend on the number of students who enrol and how much the school will take as it commission.

So if you are able to book 2-3 schools, you have got it made and each school term , you will be having a steady stream of income each school term.

 As the school term is just starting for most schools, this will be an ideal time to start talking to schools.

So give it a try.


  1. Do a Bake Sale

Want money quickly. Do a bake sale. Look for somewhere where you can sell your cakes. It will have to small things like cupcakes, pastries or small chops.

Can you sell at universities in their canteen? Or can you sell at your local church. Just sit down and think of people you know who have a place where you can sell your baked products.

If you do this exercise, you will be surprised that you do have connections. It could be a pastor, a bank manager or a university professor. Even if you do not know anyone, think of places where you can sell and approach the owners and see what they say. It does not hurt to ask especially if they know they will get a percentage of the proceeds or you pay them some small rent.

4. Sell Your Cakes in Churches /Schools /Food Fairs

You do not have to wait at home for an order. You can go out and sell your cakes. Your church is a good starting point. Also schools during their PTA or sports day is really good. Here you will be able to personally tell people about your cake business, they can sample the cakes you have to offer and they can also buy or order from the spot from you.

So do not be shy, approach churches and schools around your area and ask if you can sell your products at their premises. 

5. Facebook Groups

This is another way to advertise on Facebook. You can advertise your cakes on other groups. Look around for Facebook Groups where your ideal client hangs out and join those groups and talk about your business.

To go one step higher, you can offer an incentive for them so that they can come over to your own business Facebook page to place an order.

Note – some Facebook Groups do not allow advertisements, so check out the groups rules and regulations so that you do not get kicked out of the group.

Well that’s it.

Of course this list is not exhaustive. Do you have more tips on what cake business owners can do to raise money from their business quickly? I will love to hear from you so please share them in the comments below.

Once again, if you also know someone who will appreciate this post, please share it with them. We bakers need some help from time to time

Cake Regards.

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